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The other shoe.

Posted on Wed Aug 19th, 2015 @ 11:12pm by Commodore Shala Natai

What a year its been!
The real life of many of our crew took on aspects and challenges that make most of the stuff you read or watch in sci fi, look like light comedy.
two evictions
two divorces
two deaths
three relocations.
Needless to say this sent the crew reeling and created the toughest year experienced by a crew that i know of.
It almost destroyed us.
However, We refuse to die.
Out of a crew of fifteen, we have five remaining. Myself, Commander John Pentac, Commander James Vance, Lieutenant JG. Mickey Jones, Commander Alexia Vaughn.
We've been hurt, but we arent defeated. We are down, but we arent out. And in case you didnt think it could get cornier, we are shaken, but not stirred from our course and purpose to bring you all the very best of our writing abilities..
We need a little time still to pull ourselves together. One death in the family was less than two weeks ago. But keep watching this page, cuz we five, are gonna knock your sox off..


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