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And still going strong

Posted on Fri Oct 30th, 2015 @ 8:41pm by Captain John Pentac

My fellow crewmates and friends,

We have a functioning ship with a Captain, XO, CEO, CTAC/SEC, CSciO, COPS, ACEO and ACMO! With that said I would like to welcome our two newest crewmembers:. LtJg Skon (CTAC/SEC) and LtJg Reg Hawthorn (CEO). Guys, welcome to your new home. The Timmis family is proud to call you part of the family. Make yourself at home, write your heart out, but most of all Enjoy what you do.

As you have seen things have started to pick up. We have the Dogon storyline running with a nice twist, thanks to Jim, and we have the crazy EHM-story which I believe will have you all in stiches, starting out quite nicely. The crew that is heading for the away mission, heads up, the starter is coming your way soon. Lets make it fun, Trekkie and explore your inner creative self. .... You never know what might come up next. I will guide you through your writing ordeal but not force you into anything. This is a story written by all of us. I want your ideas and twists, thats what makes for good reading.

Keep it Trekkie, keep it fun. A twist of romance here and there, but no Mills and Boons please.

And as a true Nut-person.... Its not what you see on the outside that matters, but what you discover on the inside...

Go forth and write Me maties!!!!!

Your friend and XO

Cmdr John Pentac


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