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Change of Command

Posted on Sat Dec 16th, 2017 @ 3:20pm by Captain John Pentac
Edited on Sat Dec 16th, 2017 @ 3:34pm

Greetings my fellow crewmen,

Today is one of those days when you look back on the past couple of years and all the wonderful people that have made the Timmis their home. Friends that have come and gone, friends that are still around and then you come to the nucleus of the Timmis. Commodore Shala Natai has been the creator of the USS Alexandria Timmis in honor of fallen friends and she has gone to great lengths to keep this Sim alive.

My friend and mentor Natai, I can only say Thank You. ... Thank you for spending so much energy and time into this Sim and making it a home for our wayward simmers with crazy ideas, loving to write what our hearts feel like. I honor you!

Life moves on with each of us and there always comes a time when it catches up with you and tells you its time to slow down. For Natai that time has come. She will never leave our hearts and minds and will always be on the constant check up on all of us, making sure that the Timmis is what is was meant to be... home.

Cmdr Pete Birt (a.k.a Skippy) will step up to the post of Executive officer of the Timmis. Pete congratulations and thank you for being there for us every step of the way.

To the crew of the Timmis.... We have a whole new world to explore. I urge you to write with your hearts and minds and let us show who and what we are. We are capable of great things my friends.

I humbly stand before you as your Captain and the head of this monster called the Timmis. Lets boldly go where no one has gone before , in search of new adventures and make this ship Timmis great.

Your friend , always

Cpt John Pentac
Commanding officer
USS Timmis



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Category: Out of Character