The Journey To A New Home

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The Timmis, Algonquin and the Baron have been tasked to transport 6000 refugees from Ya'Dalla, along with her Governor to Tabor IV to colonize their new homes. What new things will they find there when they arrive? No one knows until they get there.

Part of Season 2

Through the wormhole Alice...

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The Timmis is off for some exploration... or so the thought. Who would have known that a time jump could have such a huge effect, not only on a timeline but also on the crew itself.

Part of Season 1

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Whispers on a temporal breeze

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As the USS Timmis regroups after their wayward encounter on Narendra 3, Cmdr James Vance takes another close look at a very curious signal that his department has picked up a while back..... something just wasn't right.

Part of Season 1


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Captain Natai's in a coma on Starbase 105, So why is the Acting XO Commander Birt having strange dreams about her...As things progress is the Commander losing his mind?

Part of Season 1

The Ghosts Of Narendra 3

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With turmoil surrounding the Alpha Quadrant because of the civil war, the new crew of the Allexandra Timmis comes together for the first time and begins a mission that will pit them against their own inner selves.

Part of Season 1

Thunder on the Sands

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The Dogon are disappearing, and its up too the crew of the Timmis to discover how and why.

Part of Season 1

A case for the holo-doc

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Since the Timmis is stuck in dry doc around Mars for a level 3 diagnostic, the crew had time to go on some random away mission to one of the moons around Pluto. A mining accident was under suspicion and the crew was asked to assist

Part of Season 1

A New beginning, getting out there again

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Being stuck on Mars for such a long time, have made the crew of the Timmis edgy. They wanted to leave the space docks as soon a possible and head out to some new adventures.

Part of Season 2

Step by Step

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Getting settled in and comfortble at SB99 Versailles. The Timmis is soon assigned a new tesk to investigate strange goings on in the sector.

Part of Season 2

All out there...

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With some sort of memory erase that went on without the crew knowing, the Timmis is docked at DS9 with a new mission coming..... maybe back to Yadalla or go through the proverbial wormhole to nowhere...

"Down Time and Where To Next? Who Knows"

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