Season 1

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Welcome to Season 1 of our adventures

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Included Missions

Through the wormhole Alice...

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The Timmis is off for some exploration... or so the thought. Who would have known that a time jump could have such a huge effect, not only on a timeline but also on the crew itself.

Whispers on a temporal breeze

Post Count: 491

As the USS Timmis regroups after their wayward encounter on Narendra 3, Cmdr James Vance takes another close look at a very curious signal that his department has picked up a while back..... something just wasn't right.


Post Count: 19

Captain Natai's in a coma on Starbase 105, So why is the Acting XO Commander Birt having strange dreams about her...As things progress is the Commander losing his mind?

The Ghosts Of Narendra 3

Post Count: 367

With turmoil surrounding the Alpha Quadrant because of the civil war, the new crew of the Allexandra Timmis comes together for the first time and begins a mission that will pit them against their own inner selves.