The Ghosts Of Narendra 3

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Status Completed Mission

With turmoil surrounding the Alpha Quadrant because of the civil war, the new crew of the Allexandra Timmis comes together for the first time and begins a mission that will pit them against their own inner selves.

Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Tue May 13th, 2014 @ 5:03am
End Date Sun Aug 24th, 2014 @ 5:03am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Welcome to the workshop called the Timmis
by Chief Petty Officer Terrence Connelly & Captain John Pentac
Current XO's office
CO Away, nobody wants to play
by Captain John Pentac
Meet and Greet
by Lieutenant Commander Taylor Alexander MD
SB 105 // USS-Timmis
Shadows of the mind
by Commodore Shala Natai & Ensign Cara Rodriguez
Narendra 3 - Capital
Bringing home some lost sheep
by Captain John Pentac
After report back from fighter on away team location Bridge - Uss Timmis
"Welcome Back to the Fleet"
by Chief Petty Officer Terrence Connelly
Unusual arrival time for replacement
by Captain John Pentac
While Timmis is hiding inside debris field surrounding Narendra 3 XO's office
To Shepherd Lost Sheep, or To Be Eaten By The Wolves
After the "When the other side don't want to pick up...." log Fighter headed down towards Narendra 3
A disaster in the water reservoir
by Lieutenant JG Jerrod Johnson & Captain John Pentac & Lieutenant Erin Vance
While Timmis hides in debris field around Narendra 3 main lab
When the other side don't want to pick up....
by Captain John Pentac
away team overdue on report back Bridge - Uss Timmis
BACKLOG - Wrestle Mania
by Ensign Cara Rodriguez
Follows the "BACKLOG - Dinner with their new co-pilot." Gym
Space object
by Lieutenant JG Jerrod Johnson
backlog USS-Timmis holodeck
Playing hide-away
by Captain John Pentac
After away team left Debris field located around Narendra 3
BACKLOG - SL | "Fruit Loop holes" | FP | Ens Cross
After the "Plans for her day off" log and before the "Arrival to Narendra 3" log Cross' Quarters
Backstory Log - The value of frogs
42 years ago Hartford Conneticutt, Earth
BACKLOG - JPL |""| FP & FP & Supp | 1Lt Stazi & Ens Cross & Cwmn Kaelin
by Crewman Tiffany Cross-Kaelin
After the Game of Sex Chicken log Personal Quarters
BACKLOG - Girl Save
by Crewman Tiffany Cross-Kaelin
Before reaching Narendra Mess Hall / Holodeck
Narendra 3 arrival: Part 1
by Commodore Shala Natai & Captain John Pentac
Present Narendra 3
Plans for her day off work | FP + Waitress | Ens Cross + Crwn Kaelin
by Crewman Tiffany Cross-Kaelin
Following "Couples Breakfast" Cross' Quarters
Whisper on the space breeze
by Captain John Pentac
En Route to Narendra 3 Bridge
Overly Chipper
After Ciphering or Suffering Dexter's Quarter/ Gym
Ciphering or Suffering?
current? Mark's Office
Couples breakfast
by Crewman Tiffany Cross-Kaelin
After pre counseling session Cross' Quarters
A pre counseling session?
2300, same day as social lunch and well don't do that anymore Cross' Quarters
BACKLOG - PL | "Bases loaded, Home team up to bat" | FP + Waitress | Ens Cross + Cwmn Kaelin
by Crewman Tiffany Cross-Kaelin
After the "Not so much a surprise party" but Before the "Game of Chicken Sex" log. (Before the Timmis departs from sb 105) Tiffany's Quarters

Mission Summary

A friendly little cruise for the new crew to get to know each other goes awry when a Romulan patrol decides to test the "new" kids on the block, and old ghosts rise up to haunt the crew.