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Clouded Visions

Posted on Thu Oct 9th, 2014 @ 7:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Taylor Alexander MD

Dr Taylor Alexander was determined that this was her last personal day. She was sick of wallowing and crying over a man than had hurt her. She needed to focus on her current life. A life with a baby and one with an amazing man by her side to help her. Even if it didn't work out with Ryan, because of their history they would still remain good friends. The young woman sat on her yoga mat crossing her legs underneath her and breathing softly.

She struggled to clear her mind, something wasn't right. The hags visions, they must have been wrong. With Malley now dead, he couldn't come back like in the vision she saw. Taylor had also now asked Ryan to be her baby's father, so that wasn't still being questioned. Now that they had a heads up about the heart condition of her baby, it would be easily treated, so the chances of infant mortality would be reduced ten-fold. Alexander closed her eyes trying to clear her mind, but the voice in her brain kept talking, wildly and frantically trying to work it out.

What if it was Malley and not her child she saw? What if it was a clouded vision because she was more focussed on the negatives of Malley reappearing, so she saw her future with him instead of her child?

The first vision could have been about her fears of the child only ever bringing back harsh memories. It could have represented her mixed emotions toward Nathan. She loved him and yet hated him all in one. If it were that 'Caleb' represented Malley, then how come the second through fourth movement seemed to only be happy. There was no logic to it. Perhaps her visions were more intertwined flickering between the two futures she witnessed. Malley returning could have easily been her fear clouding the future she had wished to see.

Also the fear of losing Ryan may have masked the true future, since in the visions she questioned Ryan's role as a parent to her child. Taylor knew in her heart now, that regardless of their relationship status, Ryan would make an excellent father figure and she should not keep her child from that. She wanted her child to have a man to talk to if they ever needed to talk to someone other than 'mummy'.

Although they had now determined that the heart condition was real, Taylor still questioned the reality of it. They now had an early diagnosis and she knew she had the best staff to deal with it when the baby was born. The heads-up may have very well saved the life of her unborn. Seeing 'Caleb' walk could have represented the child's growing strength thanks to the medical team, after all. But how would the last vision be explained.

The desperation, Alexander had felt that in days of late. Malley's death. She had tried to resuscitate him, and further more had been dragged away from continuing to help him, even though he was dead. The young woman opened her eyes in realisation and uttered, "You'll live."

The mother to be looked down to her slight bump and smiled running her hands across it softly, "I'm not going to give up on you."

Dr Taylor Alexander
Chief Medical Officer


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