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Through good times and bad times

Posted on Wed Oct 15th, 2014 @ 11:44pm by Captain John Pentac

John sat on in the Command chair watching and waiting. He had a lot to think about. with the crew facing Sentient beings and the outcome still unknown he had to ponder on it for a moment. He was wondering what Shala would to in this situation. Maybe she faced the same problem only back in time. Hell, for all he know she was facing it right now. It was bugging him that she wasn't here on the Timmis. This was her home, her place and he was starting to feel the friction of wearing her shoes. When he took the job as he Executive officer he made her promise that she won't do this very thing to him.

She promised.... but still life never work out the way it was supposed to. Something always seemed to come in the way of one's carefully planned out way. John thought about what Pete Birt just told him. Pete got a second chance at something that John could never imagine. Through some twisted loops of fate Pete was thrown back in time to face his feelings and to face up to his fears. He found a jewel in a mix of strange circumstances. Looking at Jane Watkins John had to guess but from what he gathered she had a very hard time herself. How do you explain to people your inner being was changed to something non human and then to have a child that is far from being human yet so perfectly in-tuned to his mother's emotions to be able to give her the gift of accepting the fact that she loved someone else other than his biological father.

John sighed. Sometimes he had to stop himself from thinking too deep about these things. he needed to just go do some fishing. But since he has been taking care of the Timmis there just barely was enough time to get a decent amount of sleep in everyday. He was feeling like an overprotective Father. There was the two Cross kids who just brought a grin to John's face. He could still see the stubborn look on Cross's face when his sister appeared with dyed hair. It still made him wanted to laugh out laud over the childish behavior, yet the two were happy to be reunited. Then the thing with Tiffany that nearly took her life and shook young Cross to the core.

Then there was Taylor.... John had a soft spot for their little disease slayer. That was one young woman that had a fighting spirit in her of which John had seen very little of late. He had the greatest respect for her and he knew she would make a wonderful mother.

John sat in silence for a while as he took in the sounds of the Bridge. He heard Mark Dexter move behind the Security console and his thoughts shifted to the man in question. Mark found someone to fill an emptiness in his life and then another young little lady came to fill it even more. John was going to keep an eye on that family for sure.

Still John's thoughts returned to Shala who was on Starbase 105. He wanted this mission over and soon. He wanted to hand her back the Timmis and the command chair. He wanted to settle back into her shadow where he knew he will feel safe and comfortable. A deep sigh escaped his lips.

Coffee... that's what he needs right now. John rose from the command chair and headed to the ready room just to grab a cup of spiced coffee just to return and take up his vigil and stare at the view screen.

Cmdr John Pentac
Acting CO
USS Timmis


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