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Posted on Sun Nov 9th, 2014 @ 5:54am by Lieutenant Commander Taylor Alexander MD

Doctor Taylor Alexander's PaDD flashed on as an incoming message arrived. She saw the sender, Mike Anderson. The young woman knew it wouldn't be about his health, and knew that the message in question would fill in a lot of blanks for her about Jonathan Malley. Her fingers hovered over the 'read' button. After all of this time, closure was what she needed most, and yet the rest of her knew it could potentially break her. With a sigh, the message was finally allowed to be opened.

It read like a normal report, from the person in charge of the training session, a Marine Aiden Berne. Date, time, place. Quite a lot had been censored, so Taylor still wouldn't know the exact nature or destination of the mission, but enough information was available for her to not only get the gist, but also to see the answers she had been looking for. "Marine Sargent Jonathan Malley witnessed the mutilation of Marine Sargent Eric Doyle after a fight erupted in camp."

Doyle. That name rang a bell. After a short pause to think, it finally came to her: Eric was Malley's best friend. She remembered attending the funeral and practically holding Nathan every night for a week when he got back. He was so upset from his friend's death. Taylor recalled Eric being the first person that Taylor was introduced to out of all of the Malley family and Nath's group of friends. With a sigh she lay back down on the sofa, resting the PaDD on her stomach.

With the censored information, Taylor filled in the gaps for herself. Training to be a marine was perhaps one of the worst trials known to man. Perhaps a fight erupted and Eric attempted to break it up. Alexander knew that if Eric, or anyone Malley was close to, was in trouble, he would do everything in his power to aide that person and defend them. If for whatever reason Malley couldn't have helped, he would have witnessed such horrors. The fact he wanted control at home could only mean one of two things: either Malley was so traumatised he felt like he needed to assert control because he couldn't before when he needed to, or this was the man she fell for, but Eric kept him sane.

For the sake of closure Taylor chose to think that the latter was absurd. If for whatever reason Jonathan was held back from aiding his friend, he would desire more control outside of the work place. The young woman considered the facts she had read and whispered, "Why didn't you just talk to me?"

Regardless of the answers she may have not been given, this was closure. Taylor now knew what the pinnacle of change was. Her heart felt settle that in one sense, the Malley she once knew died to protect his friend. Though she may not have liked the man that lived on, she knew an event like that would have shaken even the strongest of men.

With all of this being settled, the mother to be now knew what she would tell her son when he was older. His biological father was a broken marine. Taylor decided that only the stories of Jonathan's good would ever be told and that, although questionably justified, stories of his change in personality would remain untold.

As for Ryan, she would never lie to her own son, but would treat Ryan as if he were the father. When questions would arise, they would be answered, but she hoped that her son would not reject Ryan as a father figure.


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