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holodeck fun

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James sat there on the Clift outcropping holding his ar-15. He took one last look through the scope sight and saw nothing in the jungled valley below. James put a thirty round clip in the weapon. He heard it click in place. James pulled the cocking strap back hold the lock button down on the left side. James checked the breach it was clear. He released the button and the mechanism closed fast with a loud click. James pushed in the side button to make sure the first round was seated. James looked through his sight again and still saw nothing. He activated the safety. James looked to his side his son Kyle was perched on the opposite side of the outcropping .He had as well loaded his browning Rifle. Kyle was looking through his binoculars.

“Kyle have you spotted any of them?” James asked.

“Aye dad it looks like maybe seven or eight Utah Raptors heading up. They know we are hear and are trying to out flank us.” Kyle replied.

“OK we will let them get half way up the rise. Then we open up.” James said.

Kyle nodded in confirmation and looked again through his binoculars. He dropped his binoculars down and picked up the browning rifle and went into his firing position. James peered over the edge and looked. He saw them now moving swiftly over small boulders below and heading up the rise. They were around six feet in height and moved very swiftly. James picked up his AR-15 and took it off safety and looked through the scope. The raptors were in full view now.

James drew the scope cross hairs on one. It hoped high in the air. James squeezed off the trigger. The gun pulled in some as a loud report rang out and a spent shell flew off to the side. The raptor jerked wildly in the air and hit the ground laying on its side. James could hear Kyles weapon. Multiple shots were echoing out and raptors were falling down below from the bullet impacts. James quickly looked through his scope. A raptor was almost on him. James squeezed off another shot. The report was loud in James’s ears but the raptor jerked back and rolled down the hill dead. The raptors just kept coming up the draw. James targeted a raptor and squeezed off a shot again and again. Raptor were piling up like logs below him. Still they kept coming. Suddenly James heard his com the bridge was calling. James said” The bridge wants us Kyle, End program raptor86 lock. Let’s go.” The Jurassic world was gone both men stood in a holodeck. James and Kyle headed for the exit as the door swung open.

=[[End Log]]=

Commander James Vance
Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Kyle Vance (NPB James Vance)
Fighter Pilot
USS- Timmis


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