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Time is slow

Posted on Wed Nov 5th, 2014 @ 11:35pm by

James was sitting at his desk in his lab office going over some relativist calculations on paper after several minutes he looked up at the small square metal covered object the size of a com badge sitting on his desk James thought {{this might do it at least in theory practically it had not been tested. A tiny amount of a mercury isotope unenpentum 119. Gyroscopically spun inside an evacuated courts sphere. With a field coil to pulse modulate it creating a status field that would allow one to cross from point A to B outside of standard time.}} James picked up his coffee and finished it.

James thought {{Well now or never, I hope the tiny hydrogen lithium cell would provide enough power.}} James picked up the metal box and attached it to his tunic and pressed the small red button on the center face plate. James felt a small tingle that quickly passed that was it. Nothing seemed out of place then he looked at the clock on the wall the time peace had stopped. It had also stopped on his wrist watch. James got up and went out into the lab. All of his techs seemed frozen in place looking like they were in the process of doing something but were suddenly frozen in place.

James walked across the lab and went into hydroponics. He could see that Erin was trying to plant some small seedlings in a box. James picked up the other ten seedlings and planted them in the box while Erin held one frozen in time. James went over to Erin when he had finished and kissed her gingerly on the cheek. James went out into the hall and up a Jefferies tube to a service hatch on the bridge.

James stepped onto the bridge Captain Natai and Commander Pentac were sitting in their command chairs frozen in place. James surveyed the room all the bridge crew appeared frozen in place. James thought {{Buoy is this weird.}} James walked over to Commander Pentac and looked at the raster pad sitting on his lap. He looked to Captain Natai she had a note pad on her lap as well. James smiled and switched the pads. He then walked back to the service hatch and exited into the Jefferies tube and returned to the lab and his office.

James hit the off button below the red one on the face plate of the box. The clock time pieces were working again. James looked out into the lab the techs were moving around again. James took the box off his tunic and placed it in one of his desk drawers and locked the drawer. James sat down behind his desk and started writing in his note pad.

=[End Log]=

Commander James Vance
Chief Science Officer


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