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Just This Once

Posted on Wed Nov 19th, 2014 @ 6:34am by Lieutenant Commander Taylor Alexander MD

Taylor had been on her feet all day. She knew that sooner or later she would have to slow down. Regardless of the new found information on her ex fiancé, her mind was still on over drive. The young woman had thought that her bereavement wouldn't effect her.

Nightmares still engulfed any resemblance of dream she had at night. Waking up in shock in the middle of the nights now seemed a regular occurrence, one that hopefully wouldn't affect her job. She watched Ryan sleep on the occasions she was scared awake. He was a reminder that life did, and does, get better. He helped her relax, whether he knew it or not. Her eyes slowly drifted shut once more and sleep captivated her body into it's world of recovery.

The room was distinct, Malley's home. Taylor loved it there. Looking around she took in the mansion-esque feel. This scene however, she recognised. The broken plate on the floor, and a soft cry in another room, with a trail of destruction leading to it. Following the path she realised something wasn't right as the familiarity faded. There sat Jonathan, in his usual rugged jeans and cargo shirt. In his arms, a small child, no older than ten. The child's face, she knew it, she recognised it. "My son?" the words fell from her lips, "Malley, put him down. Munchkin, come here."

"He was playing in the house and broke a lot of things," Malley said coldly, still clinging to the child as the marine sat on the staircase.

"Things get broken. It was an accident. Nath, let him go," Taylor was a little more firm.

"The boy deserves punishment for not listening to our instructions," Nathan looked up from the boy before turning him around to face his mother.

The young boys face was battered, bruised and bleeding. His features were no longer distinct. Barely audibly and pained, a timid voice echoed, "Help me mummy."

"Benji," Taylor screamed his name. The scream almost blood curdling. Before her eyes darted to Malley's hand, to which he held a gun. He pointed it to the side, through the banister. The scene changed a little and the marines face distorted becoming bruised and bloodied, just like he had when he was killed. He rose from his perch, dropping the young boy, letting his body cascade down the remaining steps, morphing into water. With tears in his eyes, Malley wasn't looking to where the gun was aimed, but right now neither was Taylor.

"Why him? What will make him a good dad and not me," he questioned, "Why did you let him steal you from me. You are mine." He pulled the trigger and Taylor looked. She hoped it was Mark, it would have been in reality, but heart breakingly there was Ryan. Blood slowly seeped out of his chest, soaking his shirt.

"Ryan!" came another screech from the young woman.

"You are not worthy of life," Jonathan glared to Taylor before turning the gun on her.

With a loud explosion Taylor suddenly awoke from her slumber, sitting bolt upright. Her eyes wide. Her breathing hard. Her heart pounding. Looking over to Ryan, she saw him still asleep and thankfully breathing. Her attention was soon brought to her son moving inside her. Getting out of bed her hands ran over her stomach as she walked out of the bedroom to the kitchen. Softly she soothingly whispered, "Shh, little one. It was just a dream."

Looking to the replicator she ordered a tall glass of water. She stared at her glass after taking a sip and looked back to the replicator. Something had to be able to stop these nightmares, at least until she had time to talk to the new counsellor. Soon she overrided the system and replicated some anti depression medication that was safe to use when pregnant and put it on the counter. "Just this once," she stated to herself before finally allowing herself to have it. Self medicating was frowned upon and Taylor was addement, this would be a one off. The young woman's heart rate soon went back to normal and she walked slowly back to the bedroom, curling herself up to Ryan, pulling his arms around her, "Just this once."

Dr Taylor Alexander
Chief Medical Officer


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