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Passing in a passage way

Posted on Thu Mar 5th, 2015 @ 1:36pm by Commander Jane Watkins

John wason one of his usual round abouts doing some regular checks on the different departments and just touching base with the crew of the Timmis. Everyone was either busy with their duties on trying to find out why the Dogon are disappearing of doing much needed repairs and ungrades while being in Earth's orbit. Hewas quite pleased at the efficiency of the crew and he had a gentle smile on his face as he wandered past the science deck.

Jane was struggling to understand what was going on with one of her new hybrid strilizia and feeling tired from spending hours trying to communicate, she decided to just step out and get some fresh air. With her mind still caugh up in sifting through thoughts and feelings, Jane stepped through the door and straight into what felt like a brick wall that grew arms in an instant.

"Hold your horses!" John said as he reacted on instinct. It wasn't the first time that he had to catch someone who decided that he was invisible.

"I.....I am so so sorry..." Jane stuttered as she tried to regain her footing and her dignity.

As she finally gathered her thoughts and wanted to thank her saviour, shebecame aware of the red shirt and the pips on the shoulder and then the face. "Cmdr Pentac.... I am sorry... please forgive me...."

John chuckled as he lifted as hand to stop Jane from apologizing. "Cmdr Watkins, Jane... no harm done. I have no crushed leaves of toes." He was pulling her leg.

Jane gave a shy smile as she picked up on his gentle joke. "Thank you Sir."

"Please... its John" He said softly.

"Ok... John then. Still I would like to say Thank you for you saving me from falling on my backside.... could I invite you for tea sometime?" She replied softly.

"I would be delighted.."John replied with a soft smile.

"I will be in touch then." Jane replied and headed off on her mission to clear her head. Right now there is more to clear than just plant problem.

John nodded and watched her walk off. He was very curious about Jane. He made a mental note to look into who she really was.

Cmdr John Pentac

Cmdr Jane Watkins
language specialist
USS Timmis


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