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Down the rabbit hole; Into hell.

Posted on Sun Oct 18th, 2015 @ 11:01pm by Commodore Shala Natai

"We found three sets of prints going across the driveway.. Looked like girls shows. Tiny feet, ribbed soles. "
"Is Desi ok?"
"Oh yeah, Daves with her."
I nodded my head as i stirred the two heaping spoons of sugar into my morning coffee.
"Well, you know why I didnt go out dontcha?"
"Because of your lungs?"
"No.. Because Nick was out there running around with a loaded 357 crying to heaven he's got a gun. Damned foo. Pure and simple, I didnt want to get shot, by my best friend. Maybe it was a one time thing. Maybe whoever it was was just someone crossing the property."
"He HAD to have jumped a six foot fence. C'Mon Pam. You know better than that."
Truth told, Kris was right. I did know better.
A few hours later as I sat there playing star trek, Kris walks in carrying the 45.
"Whats that for?" I asked with no small amount of curiosity..
"Just a precaution. I dont want Nick running around with a gun."
"Yeahhh, me neither. He couldnt live with himself if he ever had to use it."
Kris nodded and half turned to leave. "Oz will be home in two days."
Oz works for a traveling road show and was over a thousand miles away. His boss it turns out had bought him the ticket home. His sister was in danger and thats all that mattered.
"Good, cuz frankly, I'm getting too old to play John Wayne out there.. "
Oz walked through the door twelve hours later.
"Good to see y Kiddo. Welcome home."
Oz nodded as I went back to my game..
"Whats the situation?"
"Kris moved the security lights and set up motion detectors. Detectors are on the front gate, the back gate and just outside Desi's trailer. If anything moves out there we'll catch it."
"Good.." was his only reply..
Couple hours more pass by when Mary walks in the room with walky talkies and i gave her a curious look..
"In case he comes back. I need you to wake us up so we can record everything for the police."
I nodded my head and went back to my game. I couldnt help thinking what a bunch of children. I didnt care how old they were. They have no concept of what they were creating for themselves. I felt sick, but what could I do? Someone was playing games with Our girls life and my old and terminally ill ass was the only one in the house that had ever aimed a gun at someone. I didnt want to be that person again. I didnt want to dig up that past or those memories from that war so long ago, but, there i was..
Two Forty Five AM and the security lights tripped on. I grabbed the walky talkie and triggered the switch..
" We got Lights!@ Lets Move it people. Someones in the compound." But no one woke up as I grabbed the unloaded Colt and headed barefoot in a t-shirt out the bedroom door on my way to Oz's room.
"Lets Go Boy. Move your ass" I barked pushing open his bedroom door.
"All right.. Give me a second to get my pants on."
"We aint got a goddamned second. MOVE!"
"Wheres the 1911" He asked seeing me carrying the huge old revolver.
"Umder the TV " I said, heading out the door..
The air was chill on my arms, and the ground was cold against the bareness of my feet. Adrenaline kept me from feeling the rocks and slivers of wood laying around as i began making a close in sweep while I waited for Oz to show up. My lungs were busting and I was dizzy as hell. I couldnt breathe and i wanted to collapse. We found more tracks and marked them out, but whoever had invaded us had either been scared off or was hiding somewhere laughing like mad. We headed back in at four AM and waited for the sun.. My feet had little cuts on them and I simply couldnt warm up, but Desi was safe and thats all that counted..
"I dont want Oz carrying that 45." Kris said as he walked in my room.. I simply nodded ahain and reassured him I understood.. I didnt want Oz carrying a gun either. Not like this, not in this situation. It was one thing to go hunting, or go to the range, it became very different when you might have to kill a man.
I found my powder bag and loaded two cylinders on the Old Walker Colt. Monstrous thing it is; a thing of beauty and terror. I slipped it into the holster and put on my boots. Outside my window, i could clearly see the tower and gate I had guarded forty years ago. Studz was jumping up on the revetment as I slammed my M-1 into the side of the guard house to clear the jam. The feel of the uniform against my skin was clamy and hot as I popped off a red flair and waited for the next bulled to come my way..


The chime on the door rang in the dim light of the room and Shala nearly jumped from her skin..
"Enter.. "
"Captain.. The crew's ready to depart. "
"Noted Ensign. Thank you."
"Your welcome maam.. Uhh, Captain?? Can I ask what that is??"
Shala Laughed as she held up the diary. "This?? Its a book Ensign. Its how people used to record things. Well actually, this belonged to my great great great grandmother, a very long time ago."
"Oh I see.. Yes Maam.. Umm, Thank you Maam.."
The Ensign turned to leave the room and Shala placed the book aside..
"Time to go to work" She thought as she looked down at Admiral Fong happily eating his bamboo..
"Hold the Fort for me Kiddo.. OK??"

Cpt. Shala Natai
USS Allexandra Timmis: Commanding.


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