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To Them That Find This

Posted on Sat Oct 31st, 2015 @ 5:07am by

Don't touch my stuff.

This here is my stuff, every bolt and alloy girder is mine, regardless of what it says on the side: Solar Coast Gaurd can send me the bill. I crashed her, and she gone done me proud, so that makes me and this hunk of junk kin. You lay a cutting torch on her, or so much as adjust a radiator fin and so help me I'll gut your gizzards until your not fit for lizard chow! all likelihood if you're reading this then I am dead, and I can but hope you were gone sent me company in the form of them that did me in. If that is the case then I would like the following noted for the record.

Rear Admiral Mathew Middleman, Starfleet Corp of Engineers (Earth Division): Ass.
Captain Samantha Keyes, Starfleet Corp of Engineers (Mars Division): Ass, but easy on the eyes.
Administrator Adam Lockley, Solar System Coastguard (Sol Prefecture): Ass with Honors.

There are more, many, many more I would list, but this thing's only got so much memory and I have only the five CO2 filters. But those three were them that cashiered me from the Service proper and sent me into exile out here in the lonely void where a man's thoughts get all twisted and such. I have served with every ounce of my body, and to every grain of my intellect, in service to the Confederation. It is a waste to have me out here, tending marker buoys and navigation beacons. I should be on a starship, THE starship, doing that which God put me here to do.

Bend physics and make things explode in a manner that presents pleasing results: Antimatter One Oh One.

Well, that's it, I've said my piece and come hell and high water I go to make them that take life that they're own in stock before I send them on. If I dead tell my folks I died doing something I loved, for something much bigger than myself.

And you can tell Administrator Lockley he can have the freeze dried leavings from the Tug's latrine: he's earned every cubic pound of what's in there.


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