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The thought about time and space

Posted on Tue Jul 11th, 2017 @ 9:26am by Captain John Pentac

=/\= Space deck, USS TImmis =/\=

Cmdr John Pentac stared out into space. Its been a long time stuck on Mars. The read planet has lost all its glamour to him and he was ready to head out on the next adventure. With a sigh he took another sip of his Earl Grey tea. He smiled at himself as he thought of Shala drinking coffee like its water.

She has gone off on a very important meeting trying to figure out why they were stuck on Mars for such a long time. How successful she has been so far he still doesn't know. He will just have to wait for her communique to tell him what to do next.

With the crew off on shore leave, the ship seems more quiet than usual. Still the gentle hum of the old girl is soothing to his soul.
They have spent quite some time together in space, so the nostalgia of being on board the Timmis still moves his heart with every thought.

Being melancholic as John is, he pondered on time gone by. How time flew past in a blink of an eye. Looking back on the missions they have completed and the crew that have come and gone, John smiled and shed a special tear. Maybe some day the young ones will return to transverse the hallways of the Timmis again. To continue with their crazy tales of life in space.

Somewhere, somehow, some day he will be happy too.

His thoughts went to Jane Watkins. A very peculiar person. Since their last rendezvous he has been thinking about her from time to time. Again with her being off on some crazy plant searching adventure, didn't leave much time to have a chat or two. He understood that her son had something to do with this little adventure. Strange person she is. For having some sentient DNA stuck in her own DNA code made her talking to plants a little wierd from time to time. He had to make sure he didn't speak ill of her when he was close to any plant life that may start gossiping about his thoughts gone astray.

He had a good laugh at his own cost. Life on a starship can be fun and demanding and plain boring from time to time.

"Commander Pentac" his comm chirped to life.

"Go ahead" John replied.

" Your presence is required on the bridge" the comms officer replied.

"On my way" John placed his cup of unfinished tea next to the still hot and half full teapot. Surely the clean up crew will have a good chuckle at his expense again. Its something that's been happening a lot lately.

He took one final look at the scenery through the space deck windows.

"Maybe next time.." he spoke aloud.

Turning on his heals he headed towards the turbo lift.

Time to see what is so urgent to have him come to the bridge.


Cmdr John Pentac
USS Timmis


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