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Looking ahead

Posted on Sun Jul 16th, 2017 @ 4:23pm by Commander Jane Watkins

=/\= Science lab, USS Timmis =/\=

With only a skeleton crew aboard the Timmis Jane felt it her duty to cover some shifts within the Science crew schedule. Science has always been her true calling since she joined Starfleet which made her decision to return to the Timmis so much easier.

Yet within her heart there was a huge gaping hole. She knew that her decision to leave and return to the Timmis would have impacted their relationship but still there was video transmission and long talks at night to keep them going. But did it even make up for the loss of physical contact, or knowing that the person is only a turbo lift away?

Jane sat back from behind the microscope. Her eyes were tired from staring at nematodes they have recovered from a soil sample she has taken on her previous trip.

' I should never have left him..' her thoughts drifted. Her heart ached, her eyes starting to swim in unwanted tears.

"My Pete.." She whispered.

Jane have access to all official communications that comes to the Timmis as she is the assigned Language specialist. A report came through that the USS Jarrod has gone missing in action and that the crew are now presumed lost.

She should have been there for him, with him. And yet here she is safe and sound and where is Pete? Maybe hurt... maybe dead...

"I should not think that way" Jane spoke aloud startling the few science officers that were on duty with her.

"Ma'am? Are you ok?" Young crewman Dean inquired. She kind of liked Cmdr Watkins although the Commander sometimes did weird things.

Jane looked over to the young crewman. "I suppose... maybe I think... I don't know..." She stumbled over her words.

This was so unlike for Jane, always appearing as the confident strong one.

"Would you excuse me.." Jane didn't ask anyone in particular as she rose from her chair and blindly heading out of the lab.

'I never cry.. I am never at a loss for words...I..' her thoughts drifted off as she turned towards the growth labs which contained the new hydroponic gardens.

The doors closed softly behind her. All around the room special grow-lights have been installed illuminating the hydroponic beds encouraging plant-growth.

{{Calm..... peace}} the words formed in her mind. Jane smiled as the plants in the room started to sway gently as if a light breeze were blowing.

{{I wish I knew if he was ok..... Pete...if only you could hear me}} Jane sighed.

Recollecting the massive impact past situations have had on Pete and Jane, it was understandable that receiving news of possible loss of one, would impact the other more deeply since they had a very fragile connection.

Jane was worried. Its been a couple of months now, since the departure of the USS Jarrod on its latest mission, that she could not sense anything from Pete. Was it possible that his body had rejected the importation of such a minuscule amount of DNA? Its been years ago... years of waiting and hoping and now this.

"He must be alright...My Pete...He promised.." She whispered.
Although plants always made her feel better Jane found that this hole in her heart would not be healed. Only one way to fix this and it is to find the missing part.

Cmdr Jane Watkins
Language Specialist
USS Timmis


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