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Something to think about

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 9:09pm by Captain John Pentac

=/\= Observation deck =/\=

Sipping on his Earl Grey tea, John Pentac took the time for some self examining. He is always there when duty calls, always there then needed by any of his crew. always committed to the ship called The Timmis. But never never committed to someone that may be close to his heart.

He chuckled at his thoughts. He remembers the time when Shala was unconscious and came too. He was worried about her. She is his Captain yes, but still he had a very soft spot for her.. Yes she slapped him once when he stepped out of line....considering kissing the Captain wasn't one of his best maneuvers yet.

Still it kept life on the Timmis interesting. And then there is the ever present Jane Watkins. He took another sip from his steaming cup of tea. That is one character that John had to figure out yet. He remembered when they had the encounter with the Creators. Time rifts and people jumping in time. Natai called it Dreamwalking. It caused quite a stir in the crew especially when Cmdr Birt acted so weirdly. That man finally came back from all his time-jumping with a need to find Watkins. John still didn't understand how that connection works. After that encounter Jane Watkins left the Timmis to eventually return home. He took the privilege to read up on her duty record. She had quite a round trip in the galaxy. The Endeavour was her first station. Even made a tour on the Versailles at some time, the Vindicator also had a bit of her time, the Timmis too its turn then the Jarrod and back here again.

John shook his head. He was a man who will stick to one ship until they kick his butt out of it. Still he thought about all the reports he read on Watkins' impact on the Arboretums that she established on the ships and stations she worked on. Many captains have given her compliments on her achievements.

Still John wondered why she chose the Language specialist post on the Timmis. Maybe she was tired of plants or rather tied of hearing their "Thoughts". That still puzzled him a lot. Talking to plants was a little above his pay grade.

Taking the last sip of his current cup of Earl Grey John sighed. It seems that other crew member's lives were so eventful. His was eventful when he saw new crew arrive or exciting when the Timmis get shot at.

"Oh well, life sucks from time to time." John muttered. He shook the funny feeling off him and straightened out. Time to get the Timmis into dock at the SB Versailles. He should go and drag Natai to the bridge for this one. He smiled a little smile.{{ Natai, now there is another mystery to solve.... one day... maybe}} John thought as he left the observation deck heading to the Bridge.

Cmdr John Pentac
USS Timmis


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