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a possible ploit log

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 8:11pm by Commander James Vance

Uss TIMMIS terrain Empire plot part 1

The ISS Endeavor glided through the newly stabilized worm hole into federation space in the delta quadrant. It headed at warp 9.5 toward the alpha quadrant. The star ship was under the command of Captain James Van horn. At the navigation station James and his XO John looked at a number of star charts.
“I think we will hide here in the alpha quadrant. It’s only a few light years from the main shipping lane to the Beta quadrant and the Versailles station from sol.” James said.
“Only 18 light years from Sol. The main sequence star Altair has seven planets. We will hide in orbit around the sixth planet. Our engine noise should be kept to a minimum due to the high electrical activity around this planet. We can easily attach the shipping lanes and cut off supplies to the beta quadrant from here causing the federation a bad head ach. Presently Admiral Watkins wants us to do no more eventual iy she will bring an armada across from the terrain empire to take this federation down.” James continued.
“Sir it sounds like a fool proof plan. I will make sure we glide into orbit quietly on impulse.” John said.
“No definitely not fool proof on this side our sources tell us there is a commander Jane Watkins. Her husband James Vanhorn died some years ago. She is my wife’s counterpart and within a certain range she can sense me as I can her. This we don’t need it would alert the federation. Currently she is heading to the beta quadrant so we should be safe in orbit around Altair 6.” James replied.
“We are dropping to impulse to pull into orbit around Atari 6.’ The helms man said.
James said “eye” and looked at the main view screen seeing a large bluish planet with shards of lighting
jetting out of the planet’s atmosphere.
“Put us into a Standard orbit.” James said.

NPC captain James Vanhorn Commander James Vance
NPC XO John Commander James Vance


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