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The ISS Endeavor strikes.

Posted on Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 @ 5:04pm by Commander James Vance

“Sir two ships are approaching heading for the beta quadrant likely Versalles.They are supply ships. “The communications officer said.

“Helmsman, break orbit and head into the star lane behind the ships. Catch up to the ships and match their warp speed, come in from behind.” Captain Vanhorn said.

“Aye sir executing maneuver.” The helmsman replied.

“Ops, activate the secondary warp core and get core powered phasers on line. Active phaser banks.” James said

“Ay Sir.” Ops replied.

“Transporter room get treated seedlings ready” James said.

“Ay sir.” Chief Johnson said.

The ISS Endeavor slowly pulled up behind the two supply ships moving along at warp 7 toward Versailles. The Endeavor matched the speed of the two supply ships 200 yards behind them.

‘Weapons officer fire phasers and cut through the rear shields of both ships.” James said.

“Done sir.” The weapons officer replied.

Two red beams came from the Endeavor striking the rear shields of the two supply ships destroying them.

“Beam the treated seedlings to the ships engine room transporter chief.” James said.

“Ay sir, the seedling is aboard the supply ships. Sir.” The transporter chief replied.

“Thank you chief. “ James said noting they were in the beta quadrant approaching Versalles

“Helmsman turn around and head back to Altair 6 at warp 9.6.” James said.

“Ay sir doing so now.” The helmsman replied.

Suddenly James had a vision. He was in a lunch room aboard the Timmis carrying a cup of coffee to a table. James instinctively knew it was Jane he could feel her. James thought {Jane love it’s been a long time} likewise Jane could see a well statured man sitting in the captain’s chair of a ships bridge. He was wearing black trousers with a gold short sleeve shirt uniform and a yellow sash around his waist. On the shirt chest area was an emblem the planet earth with a vertical sword going through it. Jane recognized the face it was her dead husband James Vanhorn. Jane broke out crying as she shakily dropped to a seat by a table. The visions faded as the Endeavor left the beta quadrant. James had one thought he has been recognized.

The two supply ships dropped from warp and pulled into Versailles on auto mode under impulse. There was no contact with the two ships. The ships came to a halt. Crew from the Versailles tried to check the strangely silent ships out. The message came back to the station. The crew was all dead and the cargo was destroyed. The crew had been strangled by vines that had grown completely through the ship . The ships were totally loaded with these vines.

Captain James Vanhorn by Commander James Vance


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