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Settling in da Timmis

Posted on Thu Aug 17th, 2017 @ 2:42am by Lieutenant Be'Lonna Da'Lor

Be'Lonna dropped her things to settle in her new quarters,she looked around to seit long for a while e where she can put her klingon items on the walls of
of her quarters, and unpacking her clothes for the cabinets, she knew she would have to have her hair up as a security officer,after
having it down for a long while.. She continued un-packing her belongings from home on Q'onos , and making her quarters feel like
shes back home. Her Bat'leth,and other Klingon weapons she put above too.. It would be a long while for her to get used to a starship
like Timmis ,in the federation, over riding in a klingon ship. She continued the rest of her time un-packing till it was time to check in with
Security,and others.

Lt Be'Lonna Da'lor


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