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Just wondering

Posted on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 3:48pm by Commander Jane Watkins

SD 241709.02
Personal log Cmdr Jane Watkins
USS Timmis

=/\ Private quarters /\=

It’s been a crazy day in the science department as everyone was checking and double-checking inventories for their mission to the Gamma Quadrant. There was a lot of information for Jane to process in the regards with the Dominion. She believed that it was necessary to familiarize herself with the whole dominion war and what the cause and effects was. They should not step on toes again because causing another war wasn’t on Jane’s bucket list.

She threw the current padd on the stack that accumulated next to her on the sofa. A deep sigh escaped. There was a lot of things running through her mind, like the fact that Pete Birt will be on the ship again. She was trying to analyze her feelings, which was totally mixed up. Yes, she waited many years for Pete since the temporal jumps he made seven years back in time when she was just a rookie science officer on the Endeavour. He fell in love with her in that time line.. meanwhile she got married, husband died and her son was more sentient plant than human. She took a mental step back from her life to examine it from another perspective. Thinking like and outsider looking inward Jane realized she must look crazy to other people. Talking to plants, sensing feelings and thoughts. Normal for her meant abnormal for the general Starfleet crew.

Still there was one person she could talk to and never felt out of sorts with… John Pentac. He was uncomplicated, easy to talk to and just… well John.

Her thought wandered to her short visit to the Ya’dalla colony. Her feelings were mixed on the matter. On the one hand, there was the interesting way the colonist lived within the tree canopy and then there was the funny seismic activity that was, well strange. Funny that the Administrator did not pay more attention to it, or was it a matter that he wanted the Starfleet settlement to incur damages due to these geological activities… it was a still a question that needed some investigation.

“I need some tea..” Jane whispered. Reaching the replicator, she had second thoughts. “Computer, a small bowl of blue jelly”
The usual blips and squeaks produced her order. A gentle smile spreads across her face. It was one of Pentac’s favorites. She was still trying to figure out why blue. A little chuckle escaped her throat as the slippery delicates sent little shivers over her body. “I should probably ask him” she spoke to herself.
“Pentac to Cmdr Watkins. Please report to science lab 2”

She tapped her badge. “on my way sir” The jelly will have to wait.

Cmdr Jane Watkins
Laguage Specialist/Science officer
USS Timmis


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