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Beyond the stars and back...

Posted on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 1:39pm by Commander Jane Watkins

=/\ Science Lab/\=

Her back was aching by now. Jane was trying to catch up on some reading and filing of reports. She was still trying to figure out why Cmdr Vance left the Timmis in such a hurry.
He was a good teacher and friend but now he is gone. Its beet quite some time since Jane worked in the Science department in a senior position. a lot of memories came flooding back as the familiar surroundings enfolded her.

Jane finally learned to coupe with her genetic manipulated DNA and could control the influence it had on her life. It was only on rare occasions that she used her "gift" and only with people she could trust.

Pete was one of them but as of late since he had to step up as XO he became very distant. To Jane this separation was no surprise to her. She felt his attention drift away from her but she would not get angry at him. Their relationship had a very strange beginning in any case. For her it was a long time waiting to see if feelings that she found many years ago on the Endeavour was still relevant to Pete in the present time. For him their relationship was only a couple of months old.

Jane smiled at herself. Taking a look at her life and what happened and all the people playing their parts in it, she had to ask herself what was to be next. The tree and Van Horn, her husband who died because of the genetic manipulation the Entity did to him. Their son Lt Cmdr Jamie Watkins who is now only 10 human years old but are in his 30's , running around somewhere in space on secret missions. Then there is Pete Birt who was the next love of her life, the jury was still out on that one as to what is next. And John....

"What about John?" Jane whispered to herself. The few times that they actually were in each other's company was by coincidence and she knew that even though it was unlikely, where is something hidden there.

"We really need to get this ship going..." She spoke out loud.

"Sorry Commander," One of the crew answered her "were you speaking to anyone in particular?" the young man inquired.

"No LT Pitout, I was thinking out loud. We all need something to keep our minds busy and I don't mean regular work. I mean something more than sitting near a space station." Jane replied. Her voice showed her frustration.

"I agree Ma'am. We are all ready and itching to do something more than file reports. I hope the Captain will let us leave soon." The young man returned his attention to the console in front of him and continued with the diagnostic that he was running for the umpteen times.

"Yes I hope so too.." Jane whispered.

John Pentac.... it was evident to Jane that this man was way too much on her mind. She had to remember that he was her Commanding officer.... She shook her head and returned her attention with difficulty back to the next report that had to be read.

Cmdr Jane Watkins
USS Timmis


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