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She Finally Did It

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As soon as her shift was over, Svetlana had headed for her quarters. It had been a long day consisting of psych evaluations of various crew members interspersed with studying crew members files and meetings with some of the other counselors. On top of all that, there had been the meeting with Lieutenant Cooper.

The meeting had gone well enough she supposed, but from everything she had read about him from previous counselors that he fancied himself quite the ladies’ man and she had gotten the feeling that he had been mentally undressing her with his eyes. Due to all this, what she had wanted when she left her office was a hot shower, some relaxation and a good stiff drink – not necessarily in that order. She had gotten two of the three and was just settling in for the relaxation part when her computer sounded.

=/\= Incoming subspace call from Ekaterena Ilsmith marked PRIORITY URGENT...=/\= the computer intoned.

Priority Urgent? Her sister? Why would she be calling, Svetlana wondered as she moved over to her terminal. Activating it, the standard Starfleet emblem was quickly replaced by her sister’s face. ‘Lena…!” she said with a smile, using a shortened version of her sister’s middle name that she had used since they were children. “
Добре почути від вас. Як все відбувається на Mcauliffe? *
“No sister,” Lena said quickly. “In Federation Standard, please, as we agreed.

“Very well,” she said as she switched to Standard. “Now would you tell me what’s happened that rates an urgent subspace call? Has something happened to someone in the family?”

“You might say that – in a manner of speaking,” Lena said cryptically.

“It involves a family member,” she said slowly

“Damn it Lena...” Svetlana practically spat out. “What family member/”

“Me...” the answer came quickly.

Svetlana shook her head slowly as her eyes narrowed. Iif her look had been a phaser it would have bored a hole right through her computer terminal. She hated guessing games and her older sister knew it, but sometimes it seemed as if she took perverse pleasure in irritating Svetlana. “I hate guessing games – you know that. So what’s going on with you?” A feeling, much like a block of neutronium, was beginning to settle in the pit of her stomach. Was Lena ill? She feared the answer she was about to get, but she knew that she had to ask the question, she continued.

“Are you ill?”

Lena didn’t answer, but merely shook her head slightly.

“Then what the hell is going on?” she asked, her voice beginning to rise a bit.

“You mean you can’t figure it out?” her sister asked. “I thought you had a medical degree.”

“I do and you know it,” Svetlana shot back. “But my degree is in Psychiatry and its’ various fields. What does that have to do with…? She let her voice trail off as the penny finally dropped. “You mean you’re…/’

Lena slowly nodded as she saw that her sister had finally made the connectioin. ‘I’m pregnant...”

For a moment Svetlana was too stunned to speak. She had known that Lena and her husband had been trying to have a child for quite some time but had not been successful. Now it seemed that their patience had finally paid off.

“Oh. My. GOD!” Svetlana exclaimed when she was finally able to speak again. “When did you find out? How far along are you? Does Lucas know?” The questions seemed to fairly tumble out of her.

“I found out about an hour ago when I went for my six month check-up,” Lena said with a big smile.’ I’m about six weeks along, and no, I haven’t told Lucas yet. He’s on an away mission and should be back any time now.”

“Well when he gets back, you tell him then go out and celebrate,” Svetlana said. “I know you two have been hoping for this for the last few years and I’m SO happy for you.”

Just then Svetlana heard the sound of a door opening behind her sister and she suspected it to be Lucas. “I think someone’s home,” she said to Lena, “so you better go tell him that he’s going to be a father in about 8 months.”

“Okay little sis,” Lena answered. “I will. You be safe out there.”

“I will. You do the same. Love you.”
“Love you too...” Lena said as she ended the call.

Svetlana sat back in her chair as her computer screen reverted to the standard Starfleet logo. She then picked up the drink she had made before getting the call and took a sip.

“Imagine that...” she said out loud. "She finally did it. My big sister finally got herself knocked up.”


Lieutenant Svetlana Bondoreva
USS Timmis


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