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Their First Date

Posted on Sun Aug 26th, 2018 @ 12:54am by Commander Harold Lawson
Edited on Wed Aug 29th, 2018 @ 5:59am


Lawson had left the lounge shortly after Jane's departure. Originally he had gone there for a drink and hopes of a bit of quiet time alone for contemplation after the frustrating day he'd had. the drink to be sure but as for the quiet time that had not happened - and as it turned out, he was glad of it. He had met a woman who had turned out to be one of the most unique women he'd ever met - CSO Commander Jane Watkins.

During their conversation he had found out that she had a unique talent - she was able to communicte with plants. He didn't think it was in an actual language but rather a sort of telepathic link. However it was, it had definitely piqued his interest.

All too soon - as far as he was concerned anyway - their conversation had been interrupted by a sudden call for her to report to the bridge. In hopes of a second meeting with her, he had quickly invited her to dinner and to his happy surprise, she had accepted.

As agreed, they had met in the lounge once again at 1930, and if he had ever harbored any doubts they were quickly removed by her appearance. Compared to him she was petite, about 5 feet 6 inches he would guess with a very well proportioned figure, she was absolutely stunning. They'd had dinner and drinks, along with more pleasant conversation, during which he'd learned that she had a son who was now a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet. He had also told her about his daughter Jo Ellen who was currently serving aboard an Ascension-class starship as a veterinarian.

He had enjoyed the meal - or he was relatively sure he had, anyway - but if the truth were told he would not be able to tell what he had eaten if his life had depended on it because his attention had been focused on the woman sitting across the table from him. Her beautiful face along with what appeared to be an attractive figure were definite pluses, but there were two other things about her that definitely had gotten his attention - her intelligence and those gorgeous brown eyes.

She had been on his mind ever since he had walked her back to her quarters, and now that he was back in his own quarters, he only had one thought -

'What a hell of a woman...'

Commander Harold Lawson
Commander Aerospace Group
USS Timmisi


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