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Svetlana checked her calendar for probably the tenth time in the past hour. As it had read for the past nine times, it still showed no appointments, and it made her wish for something to do. 'Careful what you wish for, Svetlana...' she mentally chastised herself. 'You know what wishing can do.' But if truth were told she was bored. Absolutely, mind-numbingly, bored STIFF! She supposed it all came from the fact that they had spent the last several days at Deep Space Nine and, after some leave, the crew was pretty relaxed. There had only been that one meeting with lieutenant Cooper to break the monotony.

Lieutenant Cooper. She still didn't know what to think about him. She knew he was upset about not getting the promotion he had wanted. Upset? Hell, he was downright mad! The problem was, she wasn't sure if he was more angry about losing the promotion, or the fact that he had lost it to a female.

Perhaps she was wrong, and deep down she hoped she was, but she had gotten the impression that Cooper thought females were only good for one thing - and that was in the bedroom. She had tried to be professional with him and not stereotype, but based on some of his answers - and the fact that he'd seemed to be undressing her with his eyes - it had been difficult indeed. In fact, she would have been willing to bet that if things had gone his way, he would have had her naked and on her desk in less time than it would have taken to tell it.

Svetlana quickly shook her head to push the thought out and clear her mind. She had just gotten out of a rocky relationship a couple of months ago and finding another one was the last thing on her mind - ESPECIALLY with someone like Cooper.

She had hoped to be added to the Away Team. That had not happened but she figured that once the Timmiis arriived at Ya'Dalla and the evacuations actually began, there would be more than enough to keep her and the department busy..

At least she hoped there would be because the last few days had taught her that something her grandfather used to say was true:

The hardest thing to do in the entire universe - was nothing


Lieutenant Svetlana Bondoreva
USS Timmis


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