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The thought of dying

Posted on Sat Sep 29th, 2018 @ 12:42pm by Captain John Pentac

=/\ Hanging on a tree branch/\=

He never thought that he would have to thought about death. Hanging on a tree branch with his life in his own hands and looking at Cmdr Watkins frantically trying to coupe with emotions that was not her own, made him think.

Not just think but ponder on the what if's and the maybe's.

What if he let go of this branch and fell to the floor of this tree forest? What if he died? what if he may have survived and was injured and the planet surface opened up beneath him and swallowed him whole?

If someone had an idea of his thought line they would throw him into a psych ward and throw away the key.

There was no time to ponder or even think about himself.

Firstly he had to think about Cmdr Watkins. She was now his first priority and then the crew of the Timmis heading into this chaos. Not even to mention the population of Ya'dalla that is in grave peril.

He had to switch off his own feelings and think of everyone but himself.

John shook himself emotionally as the tree started shake again from the now more powerful tremor.

{{I better get out of}} John thought as he tapped his Comm badge to have the Timmis beam himself and Cmdr Watkins to safety.

Capt John Pentac
Commanding officer
Uss Timmis


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