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241810.12 personal log: Settling in

Posted on Sat Oct 13th, 2018 @ 2:58am by Corporal Thomas Zang

10K's personal log:

Well, i'm officially positioned on my first ship. I've always wanted to be stationed on a ship instead of being stuck on a star base. My squad leader is a Sergeant named Desiree Morgan. She appears to be part Romulan though and she kinda seems to be very off-putting. I think that I might not have made the best first impression with her but there is still time for me to prove myself to her and the crew of this ship. I eagerly await my first mission to show what I am capable of doing.

Until then when I'm not on duty I will continue to train and get stronger, faster and better at everything that I can. I wonder if they have a holosuite aboard to practice my marksmanship and combat skills. I think I'll ask the Sarge when I see her again.

My barracks are not much different than the ones we had at the marine academy but I feel that my fellow marines and I will be a good team together once we get to know each other better.

=/\= Sergeant Morgan to Zulu Squad. Be in the transporter room in five minutes, ready to beam down and get to heavy lifting, or be ready to get booted out the airlock. Morgan out.=/\=

=^= "On my way Sarge! Corporal Zang out." =^=

Well, duty calls.

End personal log.


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