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Trying to find the way

Posted on Tue Apr 23rd, 2019 @ 5:59pm by Captain John Pentac

=/\ Between sanity and craziness /\=

For once in his life, John Pentac felt out of touch. Not just with the here and now, but with his own inner self. Since the explosion of Yadalla and the evacuation of the survivors, he felt like he was one of the refugees.

He can only imagine what it must feel like having to give up on your life, planned future, and the home that was your everything. Having to leave the place you have known all your life and head out sometimes, with only the clothes on your back. He knew about the feuds between factions that started to form on the overcrowded Starbase. He kind of volunteered to go in under cover and feed information to the station head. But lately he was starting to regret it. He was no gangster leader or even member. He just could not handle the lawlessness that went with the territory. He was longing for the calm and the peace that could only be found on a star ship traveling in space.

That dead silence that seemed deafening at times and yet so peaceful when you needed to focus.

Focus... the word echoed in his head. Somewhere that made sense yet he still could not get used to the feeling of having someone in his head.

Sanity was kept only with the knowledge that Jane Watkins was with him in all of this. No matter what people said or thought, she was one of those very rare people who were able to look straight into your soul and put everything straight with one glance.

"Geez.... you really need to get a life Pentac.." John whispered to himself.

Get a life.... Like Timberwolf did... His Xo went and got himself a wife in all this madness. Well at least two people would be happy in all of this.

As he wandered around the make-shift markets he had to side step a couple of times in order to get out of a possible trample. There where just too many people crammed into this can like sardines.

The slight vibration in his pocket brought him out of his deep thoughts.
Palming the small device an active link was establish to an implant in his right ear.

"Mission completed. Its time to re-home these ... well refugees..."

The sound bit ended. the voice sounded electronic, almost like those of the AI's in the 20th century.

John chuckled. Finally he could get a proper shower and a decent night's sleep.
He headed to the nearest transporter padd. After providing the right Identification and giving the operator his destination, John stepped onto the transporter padd and shimmered away.


Pentac re materialized inside on of the USS Timmis's transport pods. He uttered a sigh of relief.

"Now now Captain... that is now way to greet one of your crew?" Jane Watkins stood facing her Captain. It was time to end this madness of crawling around in the gutters and get back to business.

"Waktins... really... just get us home... I desperately need a shower." John replied as he settled down in the co-pilot seat.

"Rodger that Captain, my Captain." Jane replied.

They both broke out in laughter... it was more of a stress reliever than a bought of happiness.

The Timmis was preparing to transport the refugees to a new home... It was high time for some plain work not involving blowing up planets.

John Pentac


Jane Watkins


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