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SD241810.04 || Away Team Log ||Meeting On Ya'Dalla

Posted on Thu Oct 4th, 2018 @ 10:07pm by Commander Harold Lawson & Captain John Pentac & Commander Jane Watkins

Mission: All out there...
Location: Sensor Array Lab
Timeline: Current


Lawson left the runabout almost in a run. He wanted to meet with the CO and find out what the status of the colony was. Also he needed to see if the shuttles carrying supplies had arrived. And if he should happen to see Commander Watkins, well that would just be an added bonus as far as he was concerned. But he couldn't let any thoughts of her distract him right now so he did his best to push the thought from his mind.

Once Jane got control of her emotions and gathered her thoughts , she sprang to work on the Sensor Array. The Timmis is equipped with an array that is deemed classified. She remember their trip to Narendra 3 where they salvaged the array from a ship that Commodore Shala Natai Captained before. It was a very interesting mission. Still Jane learned from the best. The person who helped design the Array... its just that she cannot put her finger on the name... too long ago.

She shrugged off the feeling and set to her task. The Personnel assigned to the Array, had the sails aligned in a flash. Data started filing in and everyone was busy at their stations. Jane could hear Cpt Pentac having a conversation with SB99 and he was trying to explain what they saw in their very short visit to the planet's surface.

"At your Service Brig Gen Grey. Pentac out" John sighed as he turned from the Comms station and started to survey the hustle and the bustle of the Array lab.

He was just about to head back to the Bridge when the doors opened and Lawson nearly ran into him.

"Hold your Horses!" John protested a little as he held up his hands to avoid a crash.

"Lawson, for crying out loud, where is the brakes man?" John responded with a bewildered outcry.

As if it wasn't enough fun on the planet, having everything shaken not stirred, platforms giving away and hanging onto branches to stay alive, his XO had to walk all over him.

Lawson was in such a hurry that he didn't stop to think that someone could be just inside the door. So when he burst through the door like a phaser on overload, he was completely unprepared and could not stop before plowing headlong into his captain.
"Apologies captain..." he said once they were both steady on their feet, "I guess I was in too much of a hurry to watch where i was going. I just wanted to let you know that the medical team has arrived and we also have two shuttles on the way down that are chock-full of supplies and materials that the colony may need."

Finally John found his footing again and listened while his XO rattled off his message.
"Well that siubds good to me. I just informed Brig Gen Grey that we have teams heading down. I can tell you from own experience its chaos down there. Watkins and I nearly met our Maker when the platforms in the treeline colony gave way. The destruction is severe. I haven't been to the more metropolitan side of the colony but I can bet its even worse there. Trees can move but buildings just crumble."

"I expected things to be bad but based on what we saw coming in and what can be seen from here it's worse than I imagined. Wreckage everywhere, water damage along the coastline that looks like it may have been caused by a Tsunami, along with lava flows in the mountainous areas

John took a breather as he watched Lawson's expression on his report.

"Cmdr Watkins have cracked up the Sensor Array to see if there is anything she could find that others might have missed. I am hoping for a miracle here..." John looked over to where Jane was frantically giving out orders and running scenarios as data streamed in from their scans. They barely started a couple of minutes ago and already there seems to be something strange going on.

At the mention of her name, Lawson instinctively looked over to where she was working. He would like to talk to her but as she appeared to be deeply involved in her work right then, he knew he would have to wait. He'd felt a certain attraction to her ever since their first date but he had no way of knowing if she'd felt any attraction to him - or even if she was interested in him, for that matter.

Focusing his attention on Pentac once again, he said "Lieutenant Zen is a member of the engineering department with a specialty in communiations. She's setting up a comm relay from the runabout as we speak. If you think she could be of any help to Ja...." he hesitated, then continued ", that is, Commander Watkins, i could call her in to assist."

After hearing Pentac's statement that no assistance would be needed from Zen, and his plans to have Zen working on the ground, Lawson agreed with him. "In that case, I'd best be seeing about those supply shuttles - IF they've arrived, that is.."

Before he left, Lawson hesitated for a moment, thinking. He knew that Jane had some psionic powers because she could communicate with plants but he wasn't sure just how strong her powers were. He also wasn't sure if his half-Betazoid telepathic abilities were enough to communicate with her in that way either. But it was worth a try.

~~Jane, if you can hear me, when we both have some time, I would like to see you...~~


Captain John Pentac & Commander Harold Lawson & Commander Jane Watkins


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