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SD 241810.06 ||Away Team Log||The Supplies Have Arrived

Posted on Sun Oct 7th, 2018 @ 12:38am by Commander Harold Lawson & Lieutenant J. C. Potter
Edited on on Sun Oct 7th, 2018 @ 1:43am

Mission: All out there...
Location: Shuttles/Ya'Dalla
Timeline: Current


Ensign Diane McCandless had been sitting in the shuttle pilot's lounge when she had gotten the notice that she was to pilot one of the supply shuttles that were to be sent down to the planet's surface.

She had been told to go to the shuttle bay and await the arrival of Lieutenant J. C. Potter, the Senior Flight Control Officer, who would be leading this part of the away team. They would be flying Type 7 shuttles, a type she was extremely familiar with from her days at the Academy. The shuttles had been modified to a cargo configuration and stocked from deck to overhead with supplies and materials needed on Ya'Dalla

"Finally..." she muttered to herself as she stood looking at the two shuttles that they would be flying. "At last I get to do something besides sitting on my ass in the pilots' lounge.

JC left Helm to an ensign she hadn’t properly met yet, and made her way down to the shuttle bay. Potter didn’t think she’d get a chance to leave the ship on this mission given most of the logistics had been sorted by the time she’d gotten aboard and settled in on the Timmis.

Part of her was looking forward to the upcoming shuttle run. She might not be a fighter pilot, but she was a pilot, and she loved the chance to test her skills. Stepping off of the turbolift and into the shuttle bay, she saw who she assumed to be Ensign McCandless and extended her hand, “Ensign McCandless, I’m Lieutenant Potter. Feel free to call me JC. You ready to get going?”

"I'm ready when you are Ma'am," McCandless said. She knew the lieutenant had said to call her J. C. but old habits learned at the Academy were sometimes hard to break. "Since you're senior I think you should fly lead," she said as she turned to the second shuttle.

Giving a friendly smile, JC nodded, “I think I can handle that. Might as well get going.” She nodded to the shuttle McCandless would fly, “Let’s get the pre-flights done and mount up.” She started to walk around her own shuttle, checking various joints, looking for fatigue.

“Any reports from the folks who flew down earlier? I’ve looked at the flight path, and it looks like we’ll have a bit of a bumpy ride once we get below 10000 feet until about 5000 feet, but should be smooth sailin’ as we come in for a landing,” JC explained, looking to see what the ensign might know.

As she started the walkaround of her own craft, Diane called out a response to the lieutenant. "I was listening in to the audio uplink from the fighter pilots flying protection for the Timmis and and they were saying that the runabout carrying the medical team down was reporting some hellacious...ah...that is some really strong wind gusts below 10,000 feet," she said, quickly censoring herselfl. "Also something about strong updrafts being caused by the volcanic activity so we probably want to avoid mountainous territory if we can."

“Yeah volcanic ash can damage systems easily given how abrasive it is. The path I’ve plotted has us avoiding any active volcanoes,” JC confirmed as she finished her checks. She moved the shuttle door, “Let’s mount up.”

JC slid into the pilot’s seat and started going through systems checks as she started bringing engines online. Once she finished systems checks, she contacted flight control and requested permission to launch. There was a slight delay, but once permission was granted, she eased the shuttle up off the deck and then out to the depths of space.

Opening a channel to McCandless’s shuttle, “Sending the flight path to you now. Just stick to my six and you should be fine.”

"Don't you worry Ma'am," McCandless answered. "I'll stick to your six like sh..." Diane quickly censored herself once again as she realized she'd almost said 'like shit to a blanket,' but quickly changed it. "...ah, that is, like a second skin."

JC smirked, “You don’t have to censor yourself to me. Here we go.” Fingers flew across her console, and the attitude of the shuttle shifted down. She adjusted the angel just as she hit the upper atmosphere. The shuttle started to shake, but she got quite the show as plasma provided an orange/pink spectrum .

Eventually, the light show ended, and JC adjusted her path, changing the angle of approach now they weren’t in danger of burning up. “How’s it going back there, ensign?”

"I'll tell you one thing - that was definitely one hell of an E - ticket ride," McCandless said. "There was a couple of times I think I was moving on three axes at the same time. Let's not do that again real soon, shall we?" She managed to muster up a slight laugh, but it was more one of relief than humor. "And those sim supervisors back at the academy thought their sims were tough." She was now flying side by side with J. C.'s shuttle, and peering out the viewport she could see what looked to be the main colony ahead. "I think I see our destination ahead. Looks like a landing pad with our runabout on it at about our one o'clock."

JC smirked, "That's not the worst re-entry I've done, though, and I dare say it will be smooth compared to some you will likely do in the course of your career with 'fleet." She looked out to see the colony and then compared what she saw to what her sensors saw, "Looks like. We'll land on either side of the run about since they are right in the middle of the landing pad.

"Take it nice and slow, and keep your arse pointed to the northwest so we don't dust the entire colony," JC suggested. "Might as well bring them in," she added, keeping the channel open with McCandless. Stabilizers helped keep the last bit of the ride smooth, and not more than a few minutes later, JC's shuttle touched down and she was powering down engines. Moments later, she stepped out of her shuttle and made her way over to Diane's, waiting for the Ensign to step out, "Nice work. First mission?"

Diane heard J. C.'s question as she stepped through the open hatch of her shuttle. "Not my first time to fly a shuttle but first time to do it on an actual away mission," she said. 'Now what do we do? Find some help and start unloading, or wait for Commander Lawson?"

JC tilted her head, “Well. . .no reason we can’t start unloading while we wait for the Commander. They’re expecting these supplies, so we might as well get started on unloading them. . .no reason to be idle while waiting.” Nodding towards Diane’s shuttle, JC added, “Shall we?”

End Log
Lt. JC Potter


Ens Diane McCandless (app Jim)


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