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SD241810.07 || Duty Log || "The Heart of Destruction"

Posted on Sun Oct 7th, 2018 @ 6:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani

Mission: All out there...
Location: Planet's Surface

The planet of Ya'dalla was overwhelming.

As the shuttle had gotten closer to their landing site, the "psychic noise" had grown louder in Alyssa's head. Although she was skilled at shielding herself and blocking out most telepathic and empathic input, there were very few who could do so completely. There was a great deal to try to block out, and it was harder when she needed to split her focus with other people and other tasks. She knew she'd be due for a terrible headache and empathic backlash later...

That, however, was for later. Right now, she was Doctor Damiani. There were people down there who were injured and dying, and for some of them, her team was the only thing standing between them turning from the former to the latter.

Once on the ground, the Away Team split to its separate tasks. Alyssa broke her own people into two teams: two medical and two security for each. She hadn't really had time to get to know any of her staff or those from security, but she felt their competence and concern. Both were important to her. They were all nervous, but each one hid it well, like Starfleet officers. Alyssa rubbed at her temple, feeling the pulse of the living and the fading coming from each side and beneath them.

Before the two teams went to their separate tasks, she held them for a quick briefing. "The Timmis will be focusing on full-on evacuation of the personnel in these upper structures, so our focus will need to be on the ground. That's where much of the worst damage will have happened, and we're going to have a broad amount of injuries to deal with. Casualty rates are anticipated to be high." She already knew that they were, given what she could feel emanating from all sides. She could even still "feel" many of the dead--those recently deceased were not completely gone from her realm.

She dictated sectors for each team. "Stay focused, remember your training. The situation will still be tenuous, even hazardous, but we are here to help the people of Ya'Dalla." Alyssa met each one's eyes in turn then nodded once. "Let's go."

* * *

The mechanical descents were all working, so Alyssa's team didn't have to rely on the site-to-site transporter system. Of course, she had no confidence that it would remain that way, but she was focused to go one step at a time. The first step was to get down to where the people needed them. With every step, the psychic noise grew worse, but she fought it back with the focus of her calling. She was a doctor, and she was here to save as many of them as she could. The longer they took, the chances shrank for each victim. She would hope for the best.

"We'll start here," Alyssa said, pulling out her tricorder. Her empathic senses led her in multiple directions, so the technology would help her narrow the focus.

At the base of the massive, magnificant trees that housed the dwellings above, the buildings were broadly separated and scattered around the large trunk-bases. She moved her team to the nearest dwelling, which appeared to have been a two-story structure built partially onto or into (it was hard to tell) the tree itself. Parts of it that had been on the outside, however, were fractured and half falling down.

"I'm picking up on life signs inside," Alyssa announced. "One is very weak."

"We need to be careful, Doctor," one of the security officers--Layne--said warily. "That does not look stable."

Alyssa looked up at the sunken roof and sighed. "No, it does not...but that's why we have to go in there."


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