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SD 201810.11 DL "Not Again!"

Posted on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 4:43pm by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri
Edited on on Thu Oct 11th, 2018 @ 5:03pm

Mission: All out there...
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


J'Loni was sitting quietly in her office thanking the stars that for once things were running smoothly. Since leaving the base there were only a few minor problems with some of the power taps and some plasma constrictor problems. Fortunately her and her teams got a handle on it quickly before it got out of hand.

She was actually reading up on the new innovations from Starfleet's Engineering Corps. J'Loni liked to keep abreast of these things simply because you never know when your going to need them.

There was an ear shattering scream as a power tap exploded in a power conduit. Half the primary circuit's tripped the safeties and shut down a dozen primary systems in engineering. Smoke billowing from the ODN conduit in engineering made visibility bad and the air had an acidic smell to it that burned the eyes.

Jumping from her chair, she raced into a frantic engine room trying to get a handle on the fire and bleed the smoke from the engineering section. "Great Gods, what in the name of Kahless was that? Sounded like a conduit exploded!", she said to the ensign standing there in shock. "Sir...I...ju...just finished...bring...on just blew! I can't explain's not my fault!", he said, stammering.

Surveying the damage, the power in several areas of engineering fluctuated, making her hasten to the diagnostic board, which also was going in and out as well, making it difficult to get a clear answer. 'Damn it to hell...just got this fixed', she muttered, finally getting a clear read. A power tapin the main. ODN line which in turn was coming from a magnetic plasma converter which had been replaced not to long ago.

'Feklar...this isn't going to set well with the captain nor with the XO either', muttering again. "Yo! People, let's get moving and get these outages fixed before they get to the engines and other major system's", she said quickly. 'Now to break the news to the XO. Damn it!"

=/\= Mo'Bri to Cmdr. Lawson, we have a problem here. I need to see you ASAP=/\=


Lt. Cmdr. J'Loni Mo'Bri
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Timmis


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