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"Looking For The Elusive Problem"

Posted on Sat Oct 20th, 2018 @ 7:37pm by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri

Mission: All out there...
Location: Just outside Jefferies Tube 17-B Deck D
Timeline: SD 241810.18


Mad as a wet targ, J'Loni was fit to be tied. One system after the other shut down making it nearly impossible to find the vause and it was madning. With a third of her engineers crawling through every jefferies tubes, she
now joined in with the hunt.

Entering the tube, the first she encountered was a thin, very potent smell of burning optical wireing, rather acidic in nature that was stinging her eyes. 'What the hell?', she thought, still crawling through the jefferies tube. Then she up on what was causing the smell. Some of the optical cables had in fact had been over heated and started to burn. 'Ah...there you are', she muttered under her breath. Shutting off the adjoining power tap to those circuit's, she hurried and repaired them hoping the strain on the other circuit's wouldn't blow out.

Backing out quickly she prayed as she headed for another jefferies tube on deck 14 that was reported damaged. Just as she arrived on deck 14, she saw smoke and it had almost the same smell but this was more acidic in nature meaning that rubber or plastic was involved. Grabbing a portable fire extinguisher, she carefully climbed into the tube and was instantly greeted by a large amount of smoke and heat. “Plasma fire!”, she yelled and slid out of the jefferies tube and immediately sealed off that area of the tube and vented the oxygen from the tube to extinguish the fire. Once it was out, she reopened oxygen systems in that tube and entered it carefully. The entire junction box was totalled and so were several relays leading from it to the main ODN lines which were also damaged. “Lt. Leslie Mc Kenna meet me in Jefferies Tube 14 J with a new junction box and three lays. We have to repair the junction box and power relays damaged”, she said. “Understood chief”, replied Lt. Mc Kenna.

Ten minutes later Leslie arrived with the needed parts, “Here ya go Chief”, she said, making J’Loni spin around nearly making her fall. “Damn it girl you scared the hell out of me...You know better!! Now it is your job to make the repairs while I go back to engineering and see what else is going to blow up in my face now”, she said angrily. These little surges or….what ever the hell they were, made her aggravated, irritated, and plain mad.

Arriving in engineering and getting a racktajino, she walked out and ran into an engineer spralled out on the floor fixing a control console that had powered down and sputtered. “Jesus, Arron, couldn’t you find a better way to lay on the ground? I almost fell on you with hot racktajino”, she barked, stepping over him finally. J’Loni was not used to all this commotion in engineering in a long while and it realy was getting on her nerves. She needed a vacation….


Lt. Cmdr. J'Loni Mo'Bri
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Timis


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