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tremor chaos [Joint mission log]

Posted on Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 11:19am by Commander Jane Watkins

Mission: All out there...
Location: Sensor array lab
Timeline: current

=/\ Sensor array Lab, USS Timmis /\=

"What the hell...???" Jane's response came a a shock to her fellow crew.

"Commander?" Young Ensign Wright asked cautiously. He surely wasn't planning to get into anyone's bad books. He has been on board for a very short time and was thrown into the deep end.

Jane stared at the screen where data came streaming in from the sensors. Reminding herself that the Timmis could "see" what other sensor struggle to see, didn't make what she saw believable.

"This planet is really in one shit hole for sure..." LtJg Jones replied as he stood staring at the screen of Jane's shoulder.

She finally found her tongue. " I think we are in for something none of us wants to see." Cmdr Watkins responded.

"Jones, quantify the data from the transpectral sensor array and lets see if this makes any sense." Jane instructed. This sensor array was highly classified as for some reason it got stuck in the current universe being stolen or rather acquired from a mirror universe.

"Yes Ma'am. Quantifying data as requested." Jones replied and it wasn't long before his hands became still over his console. "This.... this is impossible!" The exclamation gave everyone a chill down their spine.

"Patch it through to the view screen Jones." Jane requested and as soon as the image compiled from the sensor data, was displayed everyone fell silent for a couple of seconds.

"There is no way they are going to survive this... "Ens Wright softly muttered.

The display gave a grave vision of what was about to happen to Ya'dalla. According to the sensor array, Ya'dalla was being torn apart by a moon that was expanding from within the core of the planet. This was a very rare phenomena that was happening right in front of their eyes.

"This can't be happening.... It is impossible..!" Jane replied as she started to work through the scenario in her mind. Millions of people and creatures, plant and animal alike is about to be blown to bits.

"Erm... Cmdr Watkins...?" Lt Delport tried to get Jane's attention. His console has been lighting up like a Christmas tree in June! "Comander!! We have a problem" He tried again as he noticed he still did not have her attention.

"Ma'am!" Delport called out. He was freaking out by this time.

"Lt Delport do you mind!!" Jane responded with irritation but as she turned to face the Lieutenant she noticed the color draining from his face.

Cmdr Watkins hurried to where the pale faced Lieutenant Delport was standing staring at his console having been stunned to silence. She gently pushed him aside, making sure not to make physical contact with him.

She too went white. The console told a story that was even more unbelievable than what was on the big view screen. Sensors has picked up on the trace particles that was evidence of a temporal rift that have formed and closed up again. The only problem was that this rift appeared right in the center of the planet and caused a wayward moon to appear where it should not be.

Finally it explained why the planet was tearing apart. The wayward moon from another dimension, was growing in size, fueled by the planet's own make up. There was no way of stopping it.

"We have to evacuate everyone... everything of that planet.... "Jane's voice was trembling.

For once in her life she is witnessing the destruction of a planet from the inside out.

"Watkins to Captain Pentac. Sir' we have a huge problem...." Jane responded as she tapped her comm badge.

=/\ To be continued...../\=

Cmdr Jane Watkins
USS Timmis.


Various NPC p.b. Rangerl


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