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All goes up in smoke... or dust...

Posted on Tue Oct 23rd, 2018 @ 3:31pm by Captain John Pentac & Lieutenant Commander Jamie Watkins

Mission: All out there...
Location: Sensor array lab USS Timmis
Timeline: Current

=/\ Sensor array lab, USS Timmis/\=

"Watkins to Captain Pentac. Sir' we have a huge problem...." Jane responded as she tapped her comm badge.

John abruptly finished his communication with Brig. Gen. Grey. He turned away from the Comm console located in the corner of the Lab. Wondering why Cmdr Watkins just called to him.

"I am still here Commander... never left..." John spoke as he turned around and saw what everyone was staring at. His words got lost somewhere along the way between his brain and his mouth.

"For crying out loud!" It was the first thing he could think of, other than swearing out loud. "A huge problem is a little understatement Cmdr..." John spoke as he came to a halt next to the stunned Cmdr Watkins. He gently placed a hand on her shoulder, hoping to give her some stability. To him it looked like she was about to pass out.

"Arg!.." Jane responded with a frightful yell. she wasn't expecting anyone to touch her.

"Sorry... "John responded and took a step back to give Watkins some space.

"We have a huge problem Sir." Jane finally calmed herself enough to start thinking in a little bit clearer fashion.

"I heard you the first time." John replied as he folded his arms in front of his chest and started to take in the complications that was shown on the view screens around him.

"Yep... we are ... well... in shit street for one." Lt Delport said under his breath.

John turned towards the Lt with a stern look on his face.

"Do you realize Lt Delport people are going to die... there is no way to stop this planet from ripping appart.." John was angry now. Not at the Lieutenant but rather at the situation.

"Yes Sir... Sorry Sir." Delport responded and scurried away to a console to keep himself busy and hide his red face.

"Cmdr Watkins, what are recommendations?" John put on his professional manner to try and bring calm within the chaos.

"I... I don't know Sir... The only thing I can think of is a mass evac... but not everyone will survive..." Watkins responded in a soft voice.

As to remind them about the fury of the situation Ya'dalla shook with a 8,6 on thr Richter scale, a common measurement to determine the strength of an earth quake.

"Can we get a visual on the Away-teams location?" John requested with a shaky voice. He had people down there in the mouth of this monster, people who was under his care.

"Yes Sir...." Ens Wright responded quickly. A couple of seconds later images of destruction and chaos met their eyes on the view screen. The Comm's dish which the away team assembled was for one lucky reason still standing.

John scanned the image to see if he could pick out the away team. From within the dust one of the runabouts appeared.

"Contact that pilot! I want him to scan for lifesigns!" John nearly barked out the order. Everyone around him finally came out of their shock and jumped to their duties. They checked the array data and scans, feeding information to the runabouts and whom ever is still alive on the planet.

"Walker here.... we have chaos sir" The pilot responded.

"Bloody hell! I can see that! Use your on board scanners and try to find the away team!!" John demanded.

A couple of critical seconds ticked away.

"Found some sir..... enabling transporter now.... beaming up five life forms...." Walker continued his conversation as he conducted his tasks.

It felt like an eternity....

"Its the Xo and the CMO!! Sir they are not faring well..." Walker responded.

"Get your ass back to the Timmis Walker... ASAP" John ordered.

"Flight ... get us closer for that runabout. We have injured crew. " John instructed over his Comm.

He turned to Jane. "See if there is anything we could do to buy those people time!!" John gave his orders as she sprung into a running pace heading to the bridge. He knew crap was coming and it was coming fast.

=/\= 20 minutes later =/\

"The shuttle is heading to SB99 Sir. The injured have been stabilized and the Medical unit have been alerted about their arrival." The Comms officer informed her Captain.

Pentac had a blank look on his face.

{{What a way to loose your XO and CMO officer....Pentac you ass!!}} John blamed himself. Starfleet isn't goign to take this one sitting down. He will be reprimanded some way or another.

"I'll be in my readyroom.." John rose from the Captain's chair seeking solace in the familiar surroundings of the Ready room.

He still haven't changed a lot on the decor.... he wanted to keep Natai close.

He sat down infront of his console and started the input of his Captain's report.

He sat there for quite a while. Every now and again someone would report on thee situation of retrieving his away team and any other survivors, Still he was wondering... how to ask for a new XO.

"Oh for crying out loud..." He whispered and started typing the end of his report.

He reread the final sentence out loud.." And by the way Admiral... I could really use another XO....Sincerely Capt John Pentac."

He sat back and pondered for a moment before he reached out and pressed the sent button.

Capt John Pentac
USS Timmis
Cmdr Jane Watkins
USS Timmis
Various NPC p.b. Rangerl


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