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"Timber Wolf's Arrival

Posted on Wed Oct 24th, 2018 @ 3:35am by Commander Timber Wolf

Mission: All out there...
Location: Various
Timeline: SD 241810.23


If there was one thing Timber Wolf disliked was Starfleet shuttles. They were too damn small and slow. Alaska hated the small confined spaces of any type of shuttle period. It was not a hop skip and jump from Starbase 152 to where the USS Timmis was. It was a 19 hour trip and a tedious one at best. The pilot wouldn’t stop talking about his wife and her issues, and the security officer who was with him was boasting of his latest collar and between the two of them Timber Wolf was going crazy. He was trying to get some sleep before arriving and it wasn’t happening. All it served was to make him irritated and Alaska felt it and nuzzled him for attention. She always succeeded in drawing his attention from what was making him angry. While petting her as she laid close to him, as noisy as the shuttle was, they both got some sleep before they arrived at the ship and Yadalla.

As the shuttle landed on the Timmis, Alaska awoke and kissed Timber Wolf to wake him up letting him know they had arrived. Stretching, he got up and exited the shuttle, both happy to be able to walk and finally straighten up felt good. Alaska stretched out her large frame, turning a few heads at her stunning coat colors and her very large paws.

One of the young ensigns hollered, “XO on deck”, and everyone came to attention fast. Timber Wolf wondered who let the cat out of the bag, “At ease people”, he said in a loud voice. Looking at the poor kid, “Permission to come aboard?”, he said. Taken by surprise, “Permission granted, Sir!”, he said. “Thankyou Ensign, you are dismissed”, Timber Wolf said and walked to the nearest lift and headed for the captain’s ready room, having no doubt in his mind that the captain would be receiving word that he was on board.

Tapping his combadge, “ Cmdr.Timber Wolf to Captain Pentac, I am on my way to report for duty. I am to be your new XO. Your current location sir?”, he said as the lift rose towards the bridge.


Cmdr. Timber Wolf
Executive Officer
USS Timmis


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