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"A Revalation in Engineering"

Posted on Sat Nov 10th, 2018 @ 5:39am by Lieutenant Commander J'Loni Mo'Bri

Mission: All out there...
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Current


J'Loni was running like a targ without her head in engineering, with all the activity and keeping the ship up to par. As she passed two engineers working on the sensor arrays, she saw something she didn't like. The sensors picked up tectonic displacements that shouldn't be there according to what she had been told.

“Martin come look at these readings. The stresses on the plates are excessive and it looks like the damn thing is going to explode”, she exclaimed. Martin came shuffling over and looked, and ::whistling:: “Holy crap! That is going to be a mess for sure. The stress is crazy high, Chief”, Martin said.

“Gotta tell the captain and fast. We are going to have to get the ship and the others outta here before it does, not to mention the population as well. How much time do you think they have?”, J'Loni inquired.

Martin wasn't sure and just shook his head. “Well….if I had to make a guess…...less than six hours, and maybe less than that, 4 hours at best”, he said.

“Shit! William...I need you now here in my office. We got some damage control to do on a planetary scale”, she yelled as he came from nowhere and skidded to a stop, “Damn it woman, what is going on now?”, he said.

“I need for you to maintain the ships transporters online regardless. We are, in all likelihood, evacuating as many as we can from Yadalla before she disintegrates”, she said.

William and Martin both looked at her and departed quickly as she commed the captain. =/\= Captain, I need to see you urgently. Engineering has found some disturbing sensor readings about the quakes on Yadalla =/\= she said.

Lt. Cmdr. J'Loni Mo'Bri
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Timmis


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