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"Downtime and Meeting the New CMO"

Posted on Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 @ 3:28am by Commander Timber Wolf

Mission: "Down Time and Where To Next? Who Knows"
Location: Starbase
Timeline: Current

Addie nestled down deeper under the plush blanket she had pulled up to her chin as she shifted to make herself more comfortable on the small couch. The environmental controls inside her temporary quarters on the starbase had been adjusted so that there was very distinct chill in the air around her. Indeed, it was so cold that adding a little moisture would likely lead to snow falling from the vents, yet she seemed rather unphased, despite the pink blush from the cold that now marked her cheeks. Instead, she stared intently at a book in her hands. A real, honest to goodness old fashioned book filled with written words. A smile danced across her lips as she read the all too familiar story.

With a soft sigh, she looked up from the pages and glanced toward the view port, barely seeing the stars beyond as she contemplated momentarily the fact that the new ship was due to arrive any day now. The USS Allexandra Timmis. Prometheus class. Not that she really cared, she was more excited by the fact that this was going to be her first posting as Chief Medical Officer. Excited? Perhaps that was actually the wrong word, maybe the feelings coursing through her were more a combination of anxiously overwhelming fear of such a huge leap in her career. Yet here she was, and any day now it was going to become a reality.

[USS Alexandra Timmis]

"Bridge to Engineering, make ready for docking procedures at Versailles Station. Commander Wolf out", he said and looked around the almost empty bridge. It was something he was used to by now and the only thing that gave him the most joy was Alaska curled up sleeping near his chair. "FCO Mc Dougal, try not to lose any more paint than we lost at Ya'dalla", he said.

"Yes sir, won't let it happen sir, not if I have anything to say about it", he said smiling.

[Versailles Station]

With the ship snuggly tied to her umbilicals, Wolf headed for his temporary quarters and a much needed shower but with honest hot water. "Ah..this feels good Alaska", he said to the Huskie watching him bathe. Laughing, he finished the shower and got something to eat and gave her a huge bone and sat at his workstation, looking over the new crew assigned to the ship, most notably the new CMO. 'Well no better time than to meet her than right now', he thought.

Tapping his computer screen, "Cmdr. Hart, Cmdr. Wolf here. If I am disturbing you I am sorry, but I thought now would be a good time to meet. If not we can meet when you chose to", he said.

Figuring that seeing as how she hadn't actually stepped aboard the Timmis yet, she didn't have to be overly formal. "Commander Wolf, you're not disturbing me in any way at all, and now would be a perfectly fine time to meet, I'm doing nothing more than chilling in my quarters. You're welcome to come here if you wish, or just let me know where you would like to meet and I shall be there." Addie smiled as she waited for the response. At least this meant that the ship had docked so very shortly she would be able to start transporting her stuff across.

"Well Commander, being as how we are both on the station and Alaska is looking for a run, I was going to suggest possibly meeting on the promenade. After the past mission, both of us could use some relaxation, since Alaska needs her natural habitat about now. Ships life and living quarters don't quite mix to well with huskies. Is that agreeable with you?", he said.

"Sure, give me ten minutes, I'll change and grab Peanut and meet you there, Hart out." Pushing the blanket away, Addie stood up, and headed into the small bedroom area to change.

Alaska danced eagerly as Wolf made ready for their romp and the holodeck. "Alaska......whoa big girl", he said as she lunged at him, landing him on the deck. She knew...almost as if she could understand what he was thinking, but that was impossible, or was it? He knew, through raising her from an orphaned kit, swore she had deeper unknown abilities than she let on. "Come on.....let me up.....", he said laughing as she washed his face with her tongue.

Finally pushing her face away did she allow him to get up. Changing into his play clothes, he headed for the promenade with Alaska alongside, tail bouncing and rump swaying as she walked. Looking at her walk, “Little miss show off”, he said laughing.

Ten minutes later, Addie wandered onto the promenade, glancing over her shoulder to make sure Peanut was still following, which he was, albeit slowly, going from one set of adoring hands to another, clearly lapping up the adoration that was being showered on him. With a sigh she shook her head, her unruly curls bouncing as she glanced around, almost immediately fixing her gaze on Commander Wolf. He was kind of hard to miss.

"Commander Wolf?" She asked as she approached, more out of politeness than uncertainty as she held out her hand. "I'm Commander Hart, but please, call me Addie." She gave a short sharp whistle over her shoulder, cringing as the St Bernard came bounding toward her obediently, almost instantly launching himself at her as though he wanted to snuggle. "And this great big knucklehead is Peanut," she offered with a wry smile.

Suddenly Alaska took up a defensive stance in front him, nearly tripping him as she saw this huge dog running behind the oncoming officer…”Commander Hart?", he said. "So this is Peanut? Big boy and very handsome", he added.

"Alaska relax...", he said quickly, "this is our new CMO and her companion", he finished. Almost as if on cue, she backed up until she was just behind him and laid down, but her eyes never left both the officer or her companion.

Wrestling Peanut away, Addie sighed softly, trying to restrain the over excited, oversized dog who was trying with all it's might to get away from her grasp. "Sorry, he doesn't really realise that he's not a puppy anymore. I've tried so many training programs and puppy daycares, and he just doesn't seem to grasp the concept of naughty."

Finally managing to get Peanut behind her and at least momentarily behaved, she crouched down and held her hand out toward Alaska, palm up, smiling gently. "Hi Alaska," she said softly. "It's okay, I promise I won't jump on you like that big lump of bones! Aren't you a beautiful girl..."

Alaska got up and walked to the outstretched hand and nuzzled it. She knew that this human was a friend and not because of Peanut. Alaska must have sensed it or felt the kindness from Cmdr. Hart cause she licked the commanders hand and moved closer to her. " seems Cmdr. Hart, that she has accepted you into the family. It might be that she will teach Peanut how to behave", Wolf commented.

Keying in the program of the lush green meadow by the cool brook, "Well Commander, after you...", he said, motioning towards the already open doors of the holodeck.

Stepping into the holodeck Addie exhaled a sigh of relief. At least they were safely within locked walls and Peanut couldn’t trample little old ladies and children now. She turned back, gave a short whistle and gave the command “go play.”

If it were possible for an expression on a shaggy raggy dog to be clearly readable, this one would obviously have stated “are you kidding me?” As he flopped onto the ground at her feet, tongue lolling lazily out of his mouth as he stared at her, panting.

Wolf couldn't help but laugh at the huge dog. He looked so funny, and that expression was even more funnier which made him laugh all the more harder.

Still chuckling, he looked at Alaska, "Well what are you waiting for? Take that knucklehead with you and teach him the basics of behavior....", he said, still chuckling.

Watching the husky take off gracefully bouncing across the field, rump swaying as she went, tail following, "Commander Hart, if I didn't know better, I think she is enticing him to follow. I know were I a male dog I would truly follow that rump!", he said, now laughing again.

"But back to you, how do you like the Timmis? She is a true beauty and some ship, probably cause she is a Prometheus class. Our chief engineering officer is probably the only one that could recite the specs backwards and forwards, save her husband of course. She may be small compared to other larger classes, but as the old saying goes, 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I know I like her plenty myself as she is fast and maneuverable", he said. "Let's walk over there as there is a brook of fresh flowing water, clean enough for the dogs and ourselves to drink", he added, heading that way.

"Please, call me Addie," she said with a smile as she started following him, glancing back at her dog that was still laying on the ground now behind her. "Come on Peanut, don't be lazy. I'm NOT going to carry you!" She shook her head as she continued walking.

As his human started to walk away, Peanut opened one eye and watched her for a moment before turning his attention to the Husky that was sauntering away in front of them. Rising slowly to his feet, he walked maybe half a dozen steps before letting out a single low throated 'woof' and flopping back onto the grass again.

Addie shook her head. "Fine, stay there you great big stupid head," she muttered as she continued following the Commander, offering him a chagrined grin. "He'll follow as soon as I sit down. The Timmis, well, it's been interesting so far. She's a beautiful ship, that's for sure, and what I've met of the crew so far seem to be nice and friendly enough. I'm looking forward to really getting immersed in the crew, it's going to be an enjoyable assignment I think."

"I hope you will feel at home on here as do I. Both of us, motioning towards a very playful huskies, were made welcome almost immediately....although I suspect that it had more to do with the fact I have the dog", Wolf chuckled.

"Peanut has definitely taught me that fortune favors the four legged," Addie replied with a laugh. "

"Have you met our chief engineer?", he said. She is quite the Klingon and knows her stuff. She is a genius but is very modest about it. Runs around calling the ship 'my lady' and is really attached to her. If I didn't know any better, I would say that they are attached physically and mentally. However it can't be possible or can it?", he said looking at Addie smiling.

"No more impossible than any other level of fate or kismet," Addie replied with a gentle smile. "I think it's been long since widely accepted that ships have their own personalities and their own little quirks that they like to impart, its just that people like engineers are far more intuned with the ships and more likely to pick it up. Medical officers, on the other hand... A good medical officer can tell far more than anyone would have ever intended... about the human body for instance."

"As it is with Indians and mother nature. Doctor's have an insight to the human body that would boggle the mind where as Indians have a knowledge of the land, plants, trees, animals and a knowledge of the Spirits. By spirits I mean spirit guides. We are guided by spirits of different animals. They help us in times of hardship and wjen we need guidance. Should....say.....we need a medicine....we would ask what medicine is needed and where to find it. Mother nature is a natural drug store and most of what is needed, you can find it there. Doctor's have the technology needed to mend broken bones, perform surgery, find new viruses and bacteria and find cures. Where as you pointed out that engineers intricately know their ships better than you or I could. I must be rambling on again.....ask me some day and I will show you how to find and speak with your spirit guide and I promise you won't be disappointed", Wolf said.

"Oh, I'm sure I won't," Addie replied with a bright smile. "I've always believed in higher powers. That's why I have Peanut there, I can't explain it but I was on 24 hours of shore leave and I was inextricably drawn to a park on the planet we were visiting. I hadn't even planned to leave the ship and then I woke up with this idea that I just had to go immediately. When I got to the park, one of the first things I came across was a frozen pond and underneath a thin section of ice was this bedraggled, soaking wet and nearly dead puppy. After I had fished him out and made sure he was okay, I asked around for a bit and I'd been told that he was probably abandoned and I should just throw him back where I found him." Her voice broke off as she glanced across at his prostrate form and laughed slightly. "He may be a great big cheese brained knuckle head with no sense of discipline, but he's mine." She finished with a laugh.

"Yes he definately is yours in every sense of the word. I admire a person who has a heart for any type of animal. Humans and animals share something in common, both have souls. It has been argued over time that animals have no souls but my people believe that animals do in fact posess souls. Where as humans have spirits so do animals and it is those spirits or souls as they ate called exist", he said smiling looking at Peanut. Moving slowly without fear he put his hand on the big dogs side and rubbed it affectionately. "Peanut I think Alaska would like you to play with her. How about it?", he said chuckling.

"Anyone who says that animals don't have souls is clearly deluded," Addie announced determinedly. "All animals are precious creatures... well, almost all..." She closed her eyes momentarily and then watched in amazement as Peanut stood up and wandered lazily in the general direction of Alaska. "Have you ever encountered a cockroach?" Addie asked, raising one eyebrow slightly. "My room mate at the academy brought a suit case infected with them and I swear I would rather die than ever deal with them again! They are the most utterly horrifying creatures! Someone else in my dorm used to joke that the only thing that would survive intergalactic warfare was cockroaches!"

"Addie, all creatures of mother earth, be they mammal, insect, reptillian, all are precious to us. Some of them, like the cockroach and certain spiders will survive a galactic war. Others that do not adapt quickly will perish. True that they do make people disgusted, they do have the right to live just like any living thing", Wolf said.

Wolf was enjoying Addie's company immensely. She was understanding and intelligent and rather beautiful. "Addie, please don't take this the wrong way, but, would you like to have dinner with me ?", he suddenly said.

Despite being taken aback by his request, Addie grinned. "I'd love to," she said quickly, surprised at the genuineness of her own response.

"Well, how about 1900 tonight? I know of a little place on the Promenade wait.....with all of the evacuees maybe it would be safer and quieter if we might have dinner in my quarters here on the station. You can bring Peanut as well as he is part of the family", he said unable to believe he had actually suggested his quarters, but then again he was a good cook.

Addie smiled warmly. "Alright, 1900 tonight, I'll see you then," she said with a suddenly shy smile. "Would you like me to bring anything? Is there any kind of dress code?"

"Nothing special just comfortable. Oh and don't forget Peanut...Alaska would go looking for him...", he said. chuckling.

"We'll both be there," Addie promised. "I'll see you then. Come on Peanut, lets go home." She gave a quick whistle and the dog came after her, thankfully.

"Until then....", Wolf said watching her and Peanut leave. "Alaska let's go.....we got ourselves a date later", he said as they exited the holodeck.


Commander Timber Wolf
Executive Officer
USS Allexandra Timmis

Lieutenant Commander Adora Hart
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USS Allexandra Timmis


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