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Settling In

Posted on Wed Dec 26th, 2018 @ 8:19pm by

Mission: "Down Time and Where To Next? Who Knows"
Location: Personal Quarters

Relieved to be off the starbase and safely in her own quarters, Addie smiled as she slowly padded around the set of rooms, taking in the details. Peanut had already made himself quite at home, flopping lazily onto the floor and watching her as she paced out the room.

"What do you think Peanut? Definitely much bigger than what we had last time, don't you think?"

The St Bernard turned his head away from her and closed his eyes, his actions appearing very much like a sulking child. "Oh get over it you big bag of bones," she muttered, shaking her head as she picked up the first of many cargo crates and carried it into her bedroom to unpack.

It was only as she was packing to leave her last assignment and watching hte cargo crates build up, first in the corner of her quarters, and then along the wall, that she began to realize exactly how much stuff she had come to collect over her time aboard the Antieta, yet every single item she had was something that was deemed important enough that she couldn't possibly part with it, so now she had to find places for everything, a task that was definitely very much easier given the increased size of her quarters that came with being Chief Medical Officer.

Finally, having finished unpacking her shoes (which accounted for a surprising number of the crates!) and the rest of the items for her bedroom and bathroom, Addie returned to the living room and grabbed another crate, seting it on the coffee table and pulling the lid off. It was full of photo frames. Taking them out one by one, she carefully removed them from their protective packaging, examining each photo carefully as she unpacked and placed them on the mantle. There were lots of photos, but then again, with a family the size of hers, a lot of photos were necessary. Despite being the 8th and youngest child, Addie was the only girl.

Five of her brothers had since gone on to marry and have kids of their own, leaving her with another combined nineteen nieces and nephews, and that wasn't even taking into account the never ending myriad of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

She smiled as she traced her fingers over the newest photo in her collection, a photo of her holding her newest little niece, Abigail, who just by sheer luck had been born the day before she left to take this assignment. Setting the photo of the sweet baby on the mantle with the others, Addie sighed as she returned for another cargo crate. "Peanut, we'll have to call on Bianca this weekend and see how the baby is, maybe Mom will be there too?" she said hopefully, well aware that by now the dog was not just sulking, but ignoring her.

Leaving the crate on the coffee table, Addie stared at the dog and shook her head for a long moment. "Alright, come on Peanut, I'll get my shoes and we'll go for a walk."

Almost as soon as she had said the magic word, the animal's ears pricked up as he clambered to his feet, bouncing after her clearly excited by this change of plans.

"Where to? Holodeck or Arboretum?" Addie queried pointlessly as they headed out into the corridor, the dog following behind her, his tail wagging excitedly as they walked. "Well, so far Peanut, this assignment has been just like all the others."


Lieutenant Commander Adora Hart
Chief Medical Officer
USS Allexandra Timmis


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