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It's a Date

Posted on Wed Jan 9th, 2019 @ 3:32am by Commander Timber Wolf

Mission: "Down Time and Where To Next? Who Knows"
Location: Wolf's Quarters

It was 5 minutes before 1900 when Addie found herself standing in front of Wolf's quarters, Peanut at her feet, looking up at her expectantly, his tail brushing across the carpet with great whooshing sounds.

"We can't Nutter... it's not 1900 yet," Addie said softly, smoothing the front of her dress as she stepped back to the other side of the corridor, sweeping her unruly blonde curls back over her shoulder.

Her entire appearance would best be described as somewhat eclectic. The hi/low boho skirt teamed with an off the shoulder peasant blouse and a pair of cowgirl boots. She had not aimed for sexy, she had not aimed for glamorous, neither of those were terms that she felt happy with using to describe herself, instead she had simply gone with what best represented who she was, and this was it.

Finally, watching the chrono on her wrist, as soon as it ticked over to 1900 hours, she stepped across the hall and hit the chime to announce their arrival.

Timber Wolf had previously fixed a small medicine bundle for his visitor, should she wish to explore her spiritual side or meet her guide. Figuring that Alaska and Peanut would be together in the other room, he set about fixing the dinner area the way his people would have it. He based it upon the traditional teepee arrangement except for the campfire. He also dressed in his comfortable deerskin which he also wore while communing with his spirit guide. The meal was simple as well, all traditional. He was about to finish, when the door chime rang and Alaska howled announcing the arrival of her new friend.

"Ok Alaska....ok....yes they are here", he said chuckling. "Enter Addie", he said.

No sooner had Alaska howled than Peanut was scratching at the door trying to get in. "Peanut, settle!" Addie ordered as the doors parted. Peanut burst through the doors, almost injuring himself as he barreled into the steel doors in his haste to get through to his friend.

With a sigh Addie followed at a much calmer pace. "Sorry about that," she offered quietly. "I hope he didn't break anything. I swear, he's such a baby sometimes!"

Looking around the room, she smiled warmly. "Wow..." she breathed softly. "Your quarters are amazing."

"I am glad you approve", he said watching both dogs disappear into the other room. "There go two happy kids...", he added, turning his attention back to Addie. "You look amazing yourself Addie, it shows your true self, simplistic and modest", Wolf said softly, motioning for her to sit on the pile of skins which doubled as a bed when needed. "I try to keep my quarters as traditional and simple as I can. Helps me to meditate", he added.

Sinking gracefully down onto the pile of skins, Addie tucked her feet to one side, trying to maintain some kind of modesty. Sitting on the floor wasn't how she had envisaged her evening, if it were she would have dressed more appropriately, but now looking around she could see that everything here was exactly who he was. "Your heritage must mean a lot to you," she said quietly, looking around and taking everything in.

"Yes it does....we respect all forms of life. It makes no difference where life exists, the fact that it does and that we live in peace and harmony with it is what makes us who we are. Out here, I believe it is also my destiny in life to protect life and hopefully teach others that respect. There are species that have no type of respect for others planets or way of lives and it basically coincides with Starfleet's reasons to explore and protect", he chided not sure if she understood what he was driving at... Walking to the replicator, he picked up two glasses of wine and returned to where she was sitting and handed it to her. "The wine is not replicated Addie. It is quite fresh and fermented just right to tickle the throat. It is an old art that was taught to me by my grandmothers mother", he said, as he sat and sipped it.

"I hope you will enjoy my simple meal as well as you enjoy the wine", he added simply. Addie was truly beautiful and he wanted to tell her just how the past few hours made him feel, but he decided not to for the time being. He was enjoying her company and did not want ruin the evening.

Taking the glass of wine that was offered, Addie sipped slowly, savoring the taste. "It's delicious," she said appreciatively. "It's not really like anything else I've ever tasted, but not in a bad way, it's just... different." She laughed as she tucked her curls back behind her ear. "Tell me more about your people?" she asked, her voice edged with genuine curiosity.

A soft chirp from the kitcken area alerted him that the meal was finished. "Addie, come, bring your glass....the meal is ready. I am eager to taste my own food once again since arriving at the station. It is simple but quite nutritious", he said helping her up.

There was a crash, barking, and from the room came Peanut and Alaska, both flying from the room. Tongues hanging, expressions of pure unadulterated mischevious joy as both dogs nailed Addie and Wolf, bringing both down on the deck. Wine going here, fur going there, and two happy go lucky dogs licking the wine off their masters face. The scene was worthy of the main event in a wrestling match.

Addie realized what was happening half a heartbeat too late to be able to do anything about it and she had no choice but to watch the whole terrorizing scene play out in super slow motion. Peanut trying very hard to be as lithe as Alaska as she darted through the room, instead he collided cleanly with Addie, knocking her back into Timber, the bulk of most of their wine splashing over her clothing.

While her landing was somewhat softened by the fact that she fell into him, the not even remotely puppy sized lump landing on top of her knocked every ounce of breath from her body as he pinned her to the ground, trying to get to the wine.

Realizing almost instantly that she was stuck between the alarmingly oversized dog determined to remove every skerrick of wine from her, one tickling lick at a time, and the alarmingly toned body of her new XO, Addie felt her face turning as red as the wine that was staining her white blouse. "Pea... Pean..." she tried to fend the dog off, covering her face with her hands as his assault continued. "Peanut!" she finally squealed, rolling away from the dog and finding herself suddenly face to chest with Timber. "Sorry..." she mumbled almost incoherently. "Oh my Gods, I am so sorry..."

Timber Wolf was trying to stop laughing at the tangled mess of dogs and bodies. Both Alaska and Peanut had wine in their fur, on their faces, Addie was all too red faced and most likely horrified with finding herself up against his massive chest. "Well.....if this isn't the funniest sight I have seen in years.....", he said.

Taking Addie by her shoulders, "Addie, no use it trying to say sorry.....I think both dogs are trying to tell us something. Even with wine in your hair....", he said chuckling, "You still are a beautiful woman and most interesting doctor I have had the pleasure of meeting. Let me.....", and before he could finish his words, he gently kissed her.

Addie found herself only momentarily taken aback by his kiss. It was not at all how she had expected the evening to end, let alone begin. The two dogs, both of whom had so desperately wanted to be right with them only moments ago were suddenly no where at all to be seen. As the kiss ended, Addie pulled away, blinking slowly as she looked at him, a small smile playing across her lips. "You know there are far less messy ways to get my attention," she quipped softly. "But I'm afraid your lovely wine has been wasted."

Helping her off the now wine stained floor, "Unfortunately you are right but at least our dinner is not spoiled. Shall we", he said guiding her to the table.

As they reached the table, Addie hesitated momentarily. "Do you think perhaps I could use the bathroom first? I might see if I can clean some of this wine off, it's kind of sticky," she said with an embarrassed laugh.

"Yes, but of course. Through there, door on the right. I have to change myself. Should you wish, there is a deerskin dress hanging there that you can put on while your clothes dry. It is from my family and you would honor the person if you wore it", he finished, as he finished pulling off his shirt.

Bare chested, he walked into the bedroom and began to change. He did not know that Alaska had pushed the door open and was standing there. Reaching for a clean pair of deerskin pants, he felt a gentle breeze across his bare legs giving him goosebumps. Smiling, he slid into them quickly, turning just in time to see Alaska, with Peanut hot on her heels head for the living room.

Standing in the bathroom, Addie quickly removed her wine stained clothing, doing the best she could to wash the stains from the blouse and skirt before hanging them carefully on the rail and taking a wash cloth, using some clean water to clean the wine from her own skin. Finally, satisfied that she was as clean as she was going to get, she turned and glanced at the deer skin dress that was hanging behind the bathroom door. Had he hung it there for her? Or was it something that he always had in the bathroom?

Tentatively, she reached out, her fingertips brushing ever so carefully over the soft fabric, a rush of something washing over her, making her skin prickle in a delicious way. Removing it from the hanger, she pulled it over her head and smoothed it down carefully before turning to check her appearance in the mirror, rearranging her curls slightly before she walked out of the bathroom, colliding with the solid form of Timber who had just emerged from the bedroom. "We really need to stop meeting like this," she said, laughing as she looked up at him.

Reaching out to keep her from falling as they collided, "You look like a young doe in the mornings warm rays", he said smiling at Addie. The deerskin dress looked so normal on her body, like a glove, it fit her perfectly. Smiling appreciatively he walked her to the table where the simple banquet was spread. Holding her chair, she sat down, under the watchful eyes of both dogs. Standing at the table, he raised both arms, lifted his head, "May the bounty Mother Earth has provided satisfy our hunger and give us strength to carry us on our days journey", he said before finally sitting.

"Addie, forgive me but, you must think I am trying to be more than a graceful host. I is my custom to learn about the officers I work with. What they eat, their beliefs, their mannerisms, how they see me as a fellow officer. If while doing that, things take a special turn, then I am thankful and grateful that the spirits have made it take place. If all this is making you uncomfortable, please....I want you to say something", he said as he passed the dishes to her one at a time.

"So you kiss all the new officers the first time you have dinner with them?" Addie quipped with a cheeky grin and she helped herself from each dish he passed to her. "It's okay, I am actually quite grown up and do know how to say no. I can even swing a mean right hook if needed. There hasn't been a man in my life yet who's gotten more than I'm willing to give, and you won't be the first." She cast a glance down at the two dogs who were watching them silently. "So now the two of you decide to behave huh?" she asked, shaking her head. "And you couldn't have done that twenty minutes ago?"

Wolf chuckled as he put food on two separate plates, " Addie with my people there are ways that animals have been known to bring people together. If not for a relationship that is intimate, it can only be explained as a working one. Alaska and Peanut have both demonstrated that fact quite literally", he said, leaning down and placing the plates in front of each dog. Watching to see if Peanut touched the food, he smiled when the dog looked up at him, "Go ahead eat up you two. You've earned it", he said as both ate greedily.

"You asked me about my people. Is there anything precisely you want to know?", he asked. The meal was simple as it consisted of roast venison, sweet and white potatoes in a freshly churned butter sauce, fresh corn on the cob, and a green salad with dressing.

"Anything... everything..." Addie laughed softly. "Most people don't tend to cling quite so vehemently to ancient ways, often they fall by the wayside as new generations age, traditions and cultures are lost, yet," she waved a hand absently around his quarters, "everything here is so very you."

"Where to choosing to retain all of the traditions and customs of my people, it helps to keep me level, or sane if you will. If we were to forget our forefathers and just live by each new technology that surfaces, it takes away a vital part of that person. Their past and what it meant. Practicing the traditions and customs of my people keep us grounded and allows us to grasp this new way of life without losing ourselves to it. Were I to stop being who I am, I would lose my ability to understand the new species and their customs and dictate how the Federation works...", he said not sure if she understood. "By practicing the ancient ways, we also keep alive the history of our tribes and the way we lived before all the mew technology was introduced. History has a habit of repeating itself sometimes in a harmful way and over time mankind has tried to correct its errors. Sometimes it works and then sometimes it has not, such is the way of human nature", he said pained. Alaska picked up the tone change in his voice and got up nuzzling his hand.

"I'm sorry," Addie said quietly. "I didn't mean to upset you." She sighed softly and ran her fingers through her unruly curls. She looked down at the plate in front of her, her appetite suddenly disappearing. Even Peanut seemed to be annoyed with her judging by the remarkably irritated look in his eyes. "Sometimes I think no matter how far we come as people, there will always be those who will be suck in the dark ages, especially with behaviors and attitudes. We may become more advanced, but there are some who are definitely not enlightened."

Alaska put her paw on his hand, bringing him conscious to his company. "Addie, you didn't do was something that happened lifetimes ago. It still haunts me and surfaces from time to time", he said.

"Will you tell me what happened?" Addie asked softly, her voice almost hesitant as she spoke. "I can't pretend I will understand, but I will always listen." She reached across the table, her hand covering his other hand gently.

Sighing softly, he began, "I was 12, rebellious and not happy with the way the schools were teaching and got into serious trouble almost every day. The Federation schools did not teach us the old ways and traditions of my people. I chose to bring a band of boys together and called them " Old Ones". We went around stirring up problems and one still haunts me to this day. It was my turn to be the master historian and it got out of hand. I was to do the story of my great grandfathers last battle. Everything was going according to the history right up to the actual battle. There was an old chieftan present, well on in his years, and apparently I messed up. He lost his temper and got so mad he actually cursed me out in Cheyenne. It also caused his death and for that, I nearly got my life taken. The fact that I messed up history still has me hurt. I have been searching the archives for the truth but it has eluded me so far", he said softly.

Rising up from her chair silently, Addie took the two small steps to his side, surprised to find Alaska allowing her free access. Kneeling down next to him, she covered his hands with hers, looking up at him in silence for a moment. “I can tell you three things with absolute and unequivocal certainty,” she said quietly. “Everybody at some point in their life does something they regret, that is what makes us human, regardless of our culture, we are all human. Secondly, there is absolutely nothing at all you could possibly have said or done that would have caused his death. I will swear that on my life... and finally, one thing I do know has been proved time and time again throughout history is that truth is in the eyes of the story teller. There are always three sides to every story told.... his, theirs and the actual truth. The actual truth no one will ever know, it will remain buried in the past.”

"I suppose you are correct and that in this case the truth is better left burred. Thank you Addie for understanding. This is always the hardest thing I have dealt with. Traditions and customs of my people are passed down from one generation to generation and in passing it down does I suppose lose some truths but from what I see this evening has been revealing in certain aspects", he said gently squeezing her hand. "And I believe Alaska also thinks the same. How about we return to the living room. I have something to show you", he said, standing slowly.

Still holding his hands, Addie rose gracefully to her feet, stepping in next to him and nodding. As he put a hand in the small of her back to guide her to the living room she felt a sudden shock of electricity rush through her, making her shiver with delight. There was something about him that just drew her in. She couldn’t put her fingers on it, but it was there and it captivated her more with every moment.

As she sat down on the skins yet again, both dogs stayed quiet and laid not far from the seat, watching with interest. Wolf moved to the small table where there were two small bundles and a folded piece of wolf fur. Picking them up he moved close to Addie. "Addie, you are still curious as to why I had an Indian dress in my bathroom and I will answer your question now. That is my mother's dress when she first met my father. It holds everything I cherish and that is dear to me
You honor me and her by wearing it even if it was by accident. Before you came to dinner tonight, I took the liberty of making you your own medicine bundle. When you choose to meet your spirit guide, with my guidance, I will help you to find that animal. There is one more thing however", he said, handing Addie the small leather pouch. He walked over to the far corner of his quarters and removed a beautiful handmade dreamcatcher and returned with it. "Addie, this is given from my heart in that it keeps your dreams safe from evil spirits", he said handing it to her.

In the last ten years, Timber Wolf had not been this open with a fellow officer or woman for that matter. There was something about her that allowed him to feel as though she was a part of his people. She had things about her he couldn't put his finger on but he had hopes that as time went on he would find out more about this woman who held him captive. He would have to speak with his spirit guide further on this.

"It's a dream catcher," she said with a soft laugh, turning it over and tracing over the intricate knotting with her fingertips. "I used to have one almost exactly like this when I was small, I don't know where it came from but I know it was above my crib the day I was born... I had it until I was twelve. The babysitter broke it up right in front of me, she told me I was too old to believe in fairy tales, I guess I made her angry or something..." she lapsed into silence before shaking her head quickly to clear away the memories. "Sorry, I was rambling. It is beautiful Timber, absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Now, tell me more about this spirit guide?"

"Addie, before I go into the spirit guide and the how to part, a dreamcatcher is usually given to children who have had bad dreams. Some of these dreams might even be classified as evil in most cases. Do you remember your first bed dream", Wolf asked sitting next to her..

Addie shook her head. “I don’t remember ever having bad dreams when I was little, but like I said, the dream catcher was apparently hung over my crib the day I was born. I have seen photos of when my brothers were born and none of them had dream catchers, but mine was in all my baby photos. It had a crystal hanging in the middle, and twonfeathers just like this one... but I think it had crystals hanging underneath as well.” She laughed softly. “It sounds silly but I have always missed it, even now.”

"Addie, open your medicine bag and give me the two turquoise crystals that are in there. Then give me the dreamcatcher", he said.

“I’m sorry, should I have not said that?” Addie asked, clearly confused as she handed over first the dream catcher and then the crystals from the medicine bag. “I didn’t mean any offence, honestly...” she stammered, feeling the tears prickling her eyes at the thought she had done something to upset him so inappropriately.

"Addie you did not offend", he said smiling. Taking the two crystals and the dreamcatcher, he slowly began to rework the crystals into the dreamcatcher. Speaking in his native tongue, he said the words of the blessing, and when he had finished putting the crystals correctly, he handed it back to her. "Now you recognize it?", he asked, resting his arm on her shoulders.

She gasped, clearly surprised at the difference the small crystals made in the dream catcher. "It's my dream catcher," she said softly, running her fingertips over the crystals. "How did you know...?" she asked, looking up at him, confused.

"Addie, your babysitter destroyed the one thing she knew that could ward off evil. Not only bad dreams but evil ones. You are a very strong woman and do possess a very strong positive spirit within you and it is that strength that has held the evil spirits at bay. That dreamcatcher is given at birth to special children that possess the gift healinng. Be it bones, flesh, or the mind, your lifes work is dedicated to healing others. The prayer I spoke was to replace that blessing which was taken from you when she broke it. As for me knowing, I can only credit my spirit guide for the knowledge", he said softly.

With a smile, Addie ran her fingers over the dream catcher again before she set it aside. Turning toward him, she rose up on her knees, leaning in to brush a soft kiss on the very corner of his mouth. “Thank you,” she murmured softly. “I love it.”

"You are welcome Addie", he said softly. The kiss was tender and it made him tremble ever so slightly. He was a command officer and normally it was frowned on in Starfleet for a husband and wife or in this case having a relationship as it might interfere with ordering the ultimate command....the order into a life or death situation. might be approved if they remain professional and he could perform his duties objectively. He hoped that......taking her by the shoulders he gave her a tender kiss hoping she would not be offended.

She could feel the butterflies in her stomach as he kissed her, his hands moving from her shoulders to her waist as he pulled her in closer. She moved her hand first to rest on his cheek before moving around to the back of his neck, her fingers winding into his hair. She pulled away, just long enough to whisper his name before she leaned into his kiss again, savoring the soft sweet taste of his mouth.

His mind telling him that this was not proper......yet his heart telling him otherwise, Wolf submitted to what he was feeling. Feeling her hands move through his hair, then around his neck, her warm breadth as he drank in her respirations, he felt the tingling of his nerve endings she brought to life. Moving his own hands gently from her waist up her back and back down again, he felt her body quivering under his touch. Pausing for a brief moment, "Addie...", he breathed softly and held her tightly as he deepened the kiss.

Moving into the kiss even more, Addie was aware of his arms tightening around her, pulling her in closer, yet she had no desire to stop him. Instead she was overwhelmed with a hunger for him, a primal urge for more... she could feel every nerve ending in her body crying out for his touch as he held her close, his kiss deepening an demanding more... more that she was, in the moment, happy to give.

Pulling away suddenly, Addie gasped. “Did you see...”. Her voice trailed off as she realised how silly she sounded. Laughing apologetically she placed a hand gently on his face. “It must have been one of the dogs... my mind is just in overdrive... “ she murmured softly., her thumb caressing his cheekbone.

"What you saw was not one of the dogs, Addie, it was Lone Wolf, my spirit guide approving our destinies", he cooed softly, kissing her hand.

Addie pulled away just a little more, looking up into his face, her own eyes widening questioningly. “I have seen them before, she murmured softly. “But if the wolf is your spirit guide, who does the doe belong to?”

Smiling instantly realizing he was correct in that she was indeed was the doe in the warm rays, "That doe is you Addie...and I don't bite....", he said looking deep into her eyes.

Exhaling slowly and raggedly, Addie leaned into him again, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth before kissing him again softly on the lips. “Timber....” she breathed softly, loving the way his name sounded on her own tongue. “I think you are going to be very dangerous to my resolve....”

"Dangerous to whom...Addie? The only dangerous issue I can see is our future. We are two people here, now, in this place, drawn by primal instincts, both which belong to Mother Earth, the only danger is what we make of it. I am Cheyenne and believe that should two people embark on neing together, emotions come with that connection. If I did not wish this to continue....I would have stopped it long ago....but you hold me captivated and can not resist what my heart and mind tell me", he said softly.

“Dangerous to me....” Addie replies softly, brushing another soft kiss across his lips before speaking again. “In just a few short hours you have made me want more than I have ever wanted from anyone else before, EVER.” She said pointedly, her fingertips tracing across his jaw as she spoke, leaning in for another soft kiss. “That’s why I should probably go, and find my real clothes now, and leave... because if I don’t leave now I don’t know that I ever will...”

"Addie then don't leave, stay. What I told you earlier about destinies, well they have been revealed. Addie...I love you with all my heart mind and soul. Stay with me?" Timber said.

It was their first date, everything he just laid out to her should have by rights sent her running for the door and never looking back, yet somehow, coming from his mouth, spoken with his voice, it all just seemed perfectly right. “Yes,” she whispered softly, not even hesitating as she leaned in to kiss him again.

He heard the rustle of both dogs and knew both were asleep together, "Addie, it is good to be alive again and with a beautiful woman nestled in my arms. My heart does not lie when it comes to love and the emotions that are involved. I can only hope that we will be granted the time to grow on each other. Love must grow at its own pace but....sometimes the union between those two loves is made even stronger by remaining together from the start. Much like the dogs here, or the birds after the males courtship, their love only grows stronger after they are united by Mother Earth", he said gently.

Timber Wolf could not stop himself from speaking the words. They just came from his heart now, "Addie I would be honored if you would remain with me for life?", he added.

Curled in his arms, she rested her head against his chest, closing her eyes as she listened to the sound of his heart beating, the slow and steady rhythm almost soothing her. “Timber...”. She finally spoke quietly, her voice sounding almost hesitant. “But what about your culture? Your heritage? Everything you hold that is important to you, I am not part of that world...”. She sighed softly. “Nothing would make me happier than being with you, but not if it will cause you regret later.”

"Addie you think that I might regret this union later, because of my heritage and the customs that I hold dear? ", he said, taking her face in his hands, brushing her gold curls out of the way, looking into her eyes. "Our first joining is what seals the bond and joins two customs together for life. They become a part of each others lives living in harmony with each other. You could no more damage that than I you. Love is a very strong bond and to break it, it would have to be devastating. It would have to truly kill the love that is sacred", he said as he kissed her deeply.

There was nothing left to be said between them, no words that could have changed anything. As the kiss deepened, she felt his arms around her, pulling her in tightly to him. Addie could feel every part of her body trembling, his every touch intensifying the fire she could feel in her veins. She was his.

The connection between both Addie and Timber had been made and all that was left was the inevitable joining of their bodies in the sacred rite of his people, their marriage.


Commander Timber Wolf
Executive Officer
USS Allexander Timmis

Lt. Cmdr. Addie Hart
Chief Medical Officer
USS Allexander Timmis


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