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SD241903.18 - Joint Duty Log - CO, CC, & Governor - "JL Title"

Posted on Wed Apr 3rd, 2019 @ 6:03am by Commander Timber Wolf

Mission: The Journey To A New Home
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

=^= Temporary Office, Shanty Town =^=

A group of three people, all in suits, forced their way through the door at the same time, suddenly confronted by a shouting throng of men and women in similar attire. Some waved padds, others shook papers, and all were struggling to gain the attention of a woman in a marked white suit that had seen better days.

Mandy, the Governor's personal assistant, stood behind a desk at the back of the room, trying to ignore the struggles of the Governor's protection detail on either side as they fought to keep the crowd from rushing her. Every few seconds, some ambitious soul would try mounting the desk, only for the black-clad bodyguard at her side to lunch forward and shove the fool off.

Though the Governor's department now lacked any kind of building or land, their finances had survived the fall of YaDalla, and so the bodyguard's wages continued to be paid in full.

As did Mandy's, or else she really, really wouldn't be here anymore.

"No, shut up. Shut Up! SHUT THE HELL UP!!" she screamed, ignoring the strands of blonde hair in her eyes as she shoved her face close to the ranting woman on the other side of her desk, forcing her to back up.

After a moment's pause, the other woman tried to resume her complaint.

"It is unacceptable! My client incurred significant damage to his corporate resources when *your* planet blew up, so we *demand* appropriate recompense be provided or else legal action will be taken!" she declared, waving a padd in Mandy's face.

A vein on Mandy's forehead throbbed, and for a moment she glanced at a closed door nearby, and wished the Governor would come out here and deal with these cretinous fools herself. Then she remembered just how much agonizing paperwork was towering over Dame Freemont, and she wondered which of them had the harder job here.

Seraphina could 'feel' the throng of crazy long before they got even removedly close to the Governor's temporary office. Reaching up, she pressed her fingers into her temples, wincing at the sudden increase of 'noise' inside her head.

She momentarily felt Wolf's hand on her shoulder, steering her though the crowd. She could hear him trying to say something but the rest of the noise was so loud she couldn't focus on his words. Instead she just gave slight shrug as they continued to move through the crowds.

Though the uniforms afforded them some level of respect, they were not dealing with Starfleet now, they were dealing with people who were aggrieved and angry and didn't want anyone 'cutting' the line.

Managing to make their way through to the front of the crowd, Seraphina focused just in time to hear the threats of legal action being shouted at the woman behind the counter, presumably the Governor's assistant.

Feeling the surge of frustration from being in close proximity to the increasingly aggrevated assistant as well as the anger from the woman in the suit who was still shouting and waving the data device around, Seraphina turned on her heel, reaching across from the side and taking the PaDD from angry suit woman's hand, dropping it onto the hard floor and then grinding it under her boot.

"I agree with her," Seraphina said with a nod toward Mandy. "Shut the hell up. You have a REALLY annoying voice you know!"

Ignoring the look of complete shock on angry suit woman's face, Seraphina turned toward Mandy and offered a polite smile. "Commander Timber Wolf and Lieutenant Commander Seraphina James from the USS Allexandra Timmis? I believe your Governor is expecting us?"

"Yes, I believe she is expecting us", Timber Wolf said, looking out at the multitude of unhappy people. He was hoping that by relieving 5000 of her refugees it would lessen the burden on her and the station.

"So I am." announced the Governor from the intercom, her cut-glass tones scything through the bedlam. The room was silent for a moment as the crowd changed gears, anticipating the arrival of someone who could actually get things done. While Mandy (the Governor's blonde assistant) was hardly ineffectual, it remained a fact that her strength lay in passing padds to the organ-grinder herself.

When the door to the Governor's office slid open, her bodyguards were ready. The first person to try and force his way inside caught a fist to the gut, emphasising that the pair of black-clad individuals sharing the Governor's office were an entirely different breed than the comparatively jovial folks guarding Mandy in the reception area.

For the pair protecting the Governor were YaDallan Special Forces, and they were not happy people.

Another person made to shove her way past the bodyguard in the doorway, only for a tiny sliver of a knife to appear in the guard's hand. One blur later, and the blade was an inch from the pushy woman's eyes, forcing her to cringe backwards. The guard's head snapped back and forth, watching every person in the crowd individually, and staring them down. It took a moment of shuffling, but eventually a pathway was cleared from the Captain to the Governor's office.

"Come in, Captain, Lieutenant!" called the Governor over the masses of padds on her desk, unable to step around the desk itself due to stacks and stacks of the digital devices piled up on the floor.

Edging around the table and past the guards, Seraphina followed Wolf into the office of the Governor. It was only once they were standing in front of the Governor's desk that she allowed herself to exhale slowly. "Ma'am," she said with a nod toward the Governor. "It's an honor to be able to meet you, if only it were under better circumstances. I'm incredibly sorry for everything you and your people have endured."

The Governor, her eyes heavy with black bags borne of sleepless nights, nodded with a tired but resolute expression. "Thank you for your care, Lieutenant. Your people have been quite kind." she announced in the soft, refined politeness of nobility everywhere. It had been said to her, over and over again, that the difference between an old family and new money was often the level of kindness shown to one's fellow man, peer or no.

"I am told," she continued, raising her voice fractionally over the sound of her door closing, "that the request for your visit came down from the General himself. Quite a firm request as well, though his assistant did seem...imprecise regarding the reason for your visit. I apologise for my abruptness, but may I ask why you have come?" she inquired, softening her tones even further to try and avoid causing offence. Her duties had skyrocketed of late, as the piles of padds could attest, and she doubted these officers had dropped by just to convey their sympathies.

"Governor, Starfleet has given us orders to....I won't say relieve you of 5000 of your people but you have been given an opportunity to choose 5000 of your people to establish a colony on a planet 72 hours from here. I must be honest however, the planet is new and we basically know nothing about it other than it is a class M planet teaming with green fields, rivers, animal life, and green trees. There are two major continent's that are suitable for colonization. You must realize that here on the station, with all of what is going on, I am sure that there are some who would jump at the chance to live and build on the ground once again", he said professionally.

"Which is why we're here," Seraphina interjected quietly. "We understand that these are your people, and we have no desire to step on toes or get in the way, but we have the ability to relocate up to five thousand of your people if you would like our assistance to do so."

The Governor's countenance remain calm and unruffled during the Captain's initial faux pas, steepling her fingers gently as the pair delivered their pitches. She stared into the distance for a moment as she considered what she had heard, nodding faintly as the officers before her tried to paint a rosy picture of this prospective relocation site.

Eventually, her hands parted, and one drew a padd from a nearby pile. Some delicate taps brought up some information, and she pondered the facts and figures before her with this new resettlement zone in mind.

"I do believe," she announced, showing them the padd "that there are a little over six thousand YaDallans who could meet your criteria."

"The rest, most, of us have entered the station's wider population after processing, or have moved to new homes on other worlds. The six thousand remaining in your 'Shanty-Town' have resisted dispersal for various reasons, with the most common being a desire to hold onto a sense of YaDallan community."

"Were my department able to convince them of the merits of this...uncertain paridise, would you be able to transport an additional thousand souls?" she inquired, idly tapping out further questions onto another padd while she talked.

"I am sure we can fit in the extra thousand on the Baron. If you can convince them Governor, we shall do our best to help them settle on the planet. We have also been authorized to help build and get them started living independently. They of course have to build a government to rule over the continent", Wolf offered.

Seraphina contemplated for a moment as Wolf spoke and shook her head. "An extra thousand people is difficult, but doable. It just won't be a terribly luxurious trip, but we will do our best to make sure that they are as comfortable as we can make them. They will be in good hands." She paused for a moment before continuing. "Governor, we want to do what is best for your people, to make this transition as easy as possible for them if they choose to relocate, but it's still going to be a rather big challenge. I have assisted in large scale evacuation and relocations before so I know some of the challenges that we will face, but no one knows your people better than you. What will you need from us in order to talk to your people?"

"Lieutenant," replied the Governor, standing with a faint smile, "'my' people are *colonists*. We were all raised on stories of our adventuring forebears, and many of our youngest are already packed. I do believe that, should I decline your offer, I would shortly become the only YaDallan here."

With a few short taps on her console, a message was drafted. One more push, and the message was sent. Electrical signals coursed through the air faster than thought, and six-thousand Yadallans felt their comms devices buzz, beep, and tremble with the news that a new home had finally been found.

"It is done. Ready your ships and prepare to set sail, Captain; for a new dawn awaits us."

"Yes Dame Freemont, a new day has dawned for your people and our interest in helping the Yadallan people. We will be ready to transport your people aboard our ships and be underway in 48 hours", Cmdr. Wolf said graciously and very relieved it was over finally.

=^= End of Log =^=

Dame Freemont
YaDalla Colony

Commander Timber Wolf
USS Allexandra Timmis

Lt. Cmdr. Seraphina James
USS Allexandra Timmis


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