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Making Plans

Posted on Tue Apr 23rd, 2019 @ 7:03am by Commander Timber Wolf

Mission: The Journey To A New Home
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission 1 S3 -Day 3


Wolf had kissed his wife good morning and looked at her smilimh as he left for his ready room to map out the settlement and just would be needed along with a time frame of how long they would need. It was a huge undertaking and a brand new planet that they knew very little about.

Arriving quickly, he grabbed his coffee and a corn cake and sat down to think as he ate. Three ships, 6000 refugees, and all headed for Tabor IV, what was Starfleet thinking and what did they expect him to do let alone how would he get the job done. He needed some help and advice at the moment, "Cmdr. Wolf to Lt. Cmdr. James join me in my ready room please", he said into his combadge.

The summons over her commbadge startled her, especially as she was already standing right outside his door, her hand poised to hit the chime, something she ended up doing without bothering to reply to him. As the doors parted she stepped through, noting the look of surprise on his face at her quick arrival. Offering a charming smile, she walked across the room, taking a seat across the desk from him. "Great minds think alike," she said with a laugh. "I was already on my way to see you."

"You were?", Wolf said incredously, looking at her sitting there. "Of course you were......silly me", he admitted. "Can I get you something to drink or eat maybe?" He wanted to get down to the heart of the matter with planning on their next step.

"Coffee...." Seraphina replied with a laugh. "Strong and sweet, just like me." She grinned wickedly as she crossed her legs neatly, watching as he stood up from his chair and walked toward the replicator.

Wolf raised an eyebrow but kept his comment to himself as he got the counselor's coffee. Turning around, he saw how she was sitting, "Counselor your coffee, and I must say are you implying something here? Sweet like me?", he asked.

Seraphina raised an eyebrow slightly. "It's an expression, Captain," she replied curtly, promptly pushing the mug of coffee away as he placed it on the desk in front of her. "Should I perhaps have asked for an orange juice, as sour as the day is long?"

Ignoring the sarcasm, "We need to discuss how we are going to help these 6000 refugees get settled and started in on their new world. I think that it will take atleast 3 months for them to have some type of dwellings completed. How do you propose that the three ships deal with this project?", Wolf said, sitting back in his chair.

"I suggest that first of all we get everyone on the ships and we get underway. A comprehensive battle plan could be drawn out while we're enroute to the colony. Though it would seem to me that the most logical thing to do would be to have the ships initially land on the planet, assuming of course that there is enough space. We would still have the ships to provide shelter for everyone while initial construction is happening. I assume that a cargo ship will be accompanying is with construction supplies?"

"Well for one, we are all that are going and all three ships will be carrying all that will be needed to begin construction. Second, I would love to set all three ships on the surface but...none of them can land on the surface. We are not Intrepid classes, sorry to say. Third, we can't shuttle all them down or transport them until the planet is as you say scouted first and a suitable place is fount to build on. Wouldn't you say that logically speaking this would be a good course to follow?", Wolf asked Seraphina.

"Every ship can be landed at least once," Seraphina retaliated easily. "It isn't going to be anywhere near as easy as just scouting the planet and finding somewhere to build. Even once we find a suitable location, we can't just beam them down and leave them to fend for themselves. Before we send anyone off any ship they need shelter, they need supplies, they need medical equipment, they need replicators and technology."

"Agreed but before they can be sent down, we are the ones that have to build this colony for them. The question is how do we go about getting started?", Wolf said looking at Seraphina.

"I know it sounds ludicrist but between three ships are there enough people to begin work on construction? As for scouting for acceptable areas, I believe it may be done possibly by our fighter group. Once a site has been found we then could send in a ground unit. Does that sound like a good idea or do you have a different approach?", Wolf added.

"Sir, I'll be completly frank, I'm not sure why this wasn't done in the first instance before we got all these people crammed into ships," Seraphina shot back bluntly. "All of this groundwork should have been done before we had even approached the Governor with a 'plan' to relocate her people because right now it seems that all we have is a hope and a prayer. I mean, is there any guarantee that this planet is completely uninhabited and fit for colonization?"

"According to what I received from Starfleet, the planet has been scanned and explored and it is ready for colonization. In addition, I wad told it was uninhabited, so I am assuming that by our orders it is guaranteed empty of people", Wolf said slightly exasperated. "It is true we might only have a wing and a prayer but we are committed and must carry out our orders".

"Well, I suggest we use the existing information on the planet we have and bring up a few of the Ya'Dallan officials, get them involved in where they would like to consider settling. Once we get to the planet we take down a small away team and check out the location they pick. If it's suitable we can start sending down the equipment and supplies and anyone willing to go down and help with the hard work." Seraphina spoke calmly, watching Wolf as she leaned back in her seat.

"Now that is more of what I had hoped to hear you say Commander. That is the plan I had in mind. Would you likevthe job? Cause its yours.....,, Wolf said laughing. "Counselor I couldn't help myself. To see your face was incredible. You like walked into that....however seriously, if you want to take charge of the Away team you have my approval", he said with a serious face.

"Sure, an away team to a tropical paradise, what could possibly go wrong?" Seraphina replied with a laugh. "I'll have my away team outline to you within the hour."

"Outstanding Counselor, I await your awayteam proposal with interest", Wolf replied.

Standing up, Seraphina nodded slightly. "Thank you Commander, I'll be in touch." Without waiting for a response she turned on her heel, leaving her coffee untouched on his desk as she walked out of his ready room.

"That didn't go as planned", he said watching her leave.


Commander Timber Wolf
USS Allexandra Timmis


Lieutenant Commander Seraphina James
Chief Counsellor
USS Allexandra Timmis


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