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SE2 Ep.1 "To Fly Home in a Tin Can"

Posted on Fri Apr 26th, 2019 @ 3:29am by Captain John Pentac & Commander Jane Watkins & Lieutenant Pete "Ghost" Jameson
Edited on on Fri Apr 26th, 2019 @ 6:40am

Mission: The Journey To A New Home
Location: En route
Timeline: MD2 0330

=/\= SD 241904.24 =/\=

To Pentac and Watkins the shuttle felt like a tortoise running in a high speed interstellar space race. Slow, very slow.

"Row , row, row your boat... gently up the shore......" Pentac sang in a soft irritated voice.

"Captain! Really??!! Row row row your boat? Why not 99 bottles of beer on the wall..." Jane responded as her temper flared.... she just could not take the song any longer.

John stopped with Jane's outburst. " Sorry..!" John replied with a snotty response.

Suddenly he felt that tingling feeling. Jane had placed her hand on his arm to try and help him with the irritation that was building up over the past couple of weeks.

"You know.... I still can't really coupe with your abilities....but somehow I will have to, yes?" John spoke softly as a gentle calmness spread over him.

"I just want you to calm down. I know we need to get back to the Timmis.... and thinking of speed, we really need to get a move on it." Jane replied. She removed her hand once she noted a calm look in John's eyes.

John took a deep breath. It was nice to feel calm, just a tad strange that it came from just a touch. He was thinking of asking Watkins to wear gloves, but then again that would be just plain weird.

"Yes, speed...." John pondered. "We do have transporter wristbands around here somewhere?" He asked and started to check the nearest storage spaces.

"Yeah we do.... Captain" Jane replied as she held out two transporter wrist bands. They were standard issues for Science officers.

"Oh!... yes, well. Good work Commander. Maybe we should send a shout to those fly boys we house somewhere on the Timmis. They do have nice fast fighters that will be... well, faster than what we have now, don't you think?" John had that funny yet elusive manner around him. Sometimes Jane thought the man would talk to himself if he was left alone long enough.

She sat down at the comms console and started to type out a long range message to the CAG to get them some faster transport.

"Can I send the hail Mary?" Jane asked with a grin.

"Send away Commander.... this Cowboy needs a faster horse!" John replied as he leaned back in the pilot chair.

=/\= Onboard the Timmis=/\=

Communications officer picked up on the incoming transmission and relayed it to the 15th fighter squadren.
"Lt Jameson, incoming transmission from one of our shuttles. Signature Cmdr Watkins. Please respond" Ens Nelly replied.

----------CAG's quarters------------

"What in the blue hades.....Ens Nelly! Do you have any id.....message? Signed by who?", Pete shook his head. "Oh never mind I'll get it", he said getting out of bed. Opening up his computer he read the message. "Holy Hanna!", he hollered, smacking his combadge, " Mc Dougal get my Gryphon "Venom" ready for immediate flight. Going to pick up the captain and the CSO", Pete barked. Tripping over his dog he pulled his flight suit out and headed for the fighter deck putting on the suit as he ran. "Make a hole....make a hole", he yelled as he flew down the corridor into the flight deck.

"Pete, "Venom" is gassed and ready to go", said Mc Dougal watching him mount quickly and shut the canopy.

"Venom to Flight control, ready to leave home. Clear me for go", Pete said impatiently. Hearing his clearance he vaulted from the hanger bay, banked left, hit warp engines and boogied out on course to rendezvous with the incoming shuttle.

=/\= "Venom to Timmis shuttle, Ghost here, got your message. Be there in 40 minutes. Welcome home guys! Ghost out=/\= he said closing the comlink. 'Damn why didn't he call me sooner. That shuttle must be the worst for speed!' he chuckled as stars whizzed by.

-/\- Shuttle Enroute -/\-

"Ghost replied Captain, he is on his way." Jane replied as she turned to Pentac.

"Ghost?" John replied with that signature rise of his eyebrows. "Watkins, sometimes I can only shake my head at the handles these fly boys come up with. As far as I know he must be the only 'ghost' in this sector." John shivered a little as he thought about the video clips he has seen of ghosts from Earth, scaring their unsuspected targets to see them running turnin g white as sheets. "Ghosts are nasty buggers. Lets hope this one won't scare us to death ... or worse space us for accidentally farting in his plane." John spoke with a serious voice.

The worst part of it is that Jane could barely hold her laughter as she painted the pictures in her head. As her laughter bubbled out of her John joined in as he saw the funny side of what he just said.

They finally caught their breaths. " How long before he arrives?" John inquired.

" He said around 40 minutes. Just enough time for a cuppa tea won't you say?" Jane responded and headed to the replicator requesting the required drinks.

She handed Pentac his cup and settle back into her chair.

"So Captain, care to share your adventures of these past few weeks?" Jane asked politely. She wasn't sure he would talk about it. doing jobs undercover never equals talking about it.

John sat back sipping on his tea. "Well...." he pondered for a while. " To say the least it was... interesting living in between the hagglers and the scum and the gangsters. I saw many fights ending badly.... usually the good guy that gets cut...." His thoughts wandered off as he took another sip. " Jane to be honest it wasn't a joy ride. I am just glad that we can find those 6000 souls on board the Timmis a nice cozy place to stay."

Jane felt he won't talk further as they continued sipping their tea and letting the thoughts drift by, waiting for Snake to coil up around them.

=/\= Pete's Gryphon=/\=

"Marcy, time to Timmis shuttle?", he asked. "5 minutes from the last time you asked me Pete", replied Marcy. 'Why did I put that bloody AI in here? Oh that's right to keep me sane!' he thought laughing to himself. "Seriously now Marcy how long?", he asked again.

"5 minutes distance from shuttle sir!", Marcy stated.

"Great balls of fire!", Pete shouted. Opening up a comlink, "Timmis shuttle this is Ghost in "Venom", you should have me on your sensors. If you have your transporter arm bands on then I suggest that Ms Watkins sits in tour lap just before transport. The Gryphyon is a two seater", Pete mused.

Out of nowhere Pete dropped from warp and came up on the shuttle. He was laughing because he knew he must have every alarm going off in the shuttle. Tapping his comm badge, " Good afternoon people, please prepare to transport to the loverly Gryphon just outside your port quarter. Please sit on the gentleman's lap and transport when ready".


Jane spilled the last bit of her tea as all the alarms went off all at once.

"For crying out loud!" John let it rip. "That fly boy nearly ran us over!"

The comms came on and both of them listened to the instruction. Both John and Jane looked at each other. It took a couple of seconds to phantom the thought of spending 40 minutes cramped on one seat.

"We Copy Lt .... Ghost. Please store your scariness away as sane people is about to transport to your Gryphon. Standby for transport. " John Pentac had to keep his cool as he responded to their CAG that had a very funny way of taking the smallest ship to fetch them.

Sitting down in his chair, transporter armband attached, John tapped on his lap, subtly letting Jane know its time to go.

"We would probably pick up this transport on our way back from the new colony, Captain?" Jane returned to a formal conversation, although her thoughts were running like scared rabbits, all over the place.

"Yes Commander, just set up the beacon for the retrieval. " John caught on with Jane's change to formality. He probably will have to hold his pose on this trip to the Timmis.

Carefully Jane lowered herself onto her Captain's lap. She looked him in the eye. " Don't worry I won't go roaming in your thoughts... I have learned to control my abilities..." Jane tried to reassure her Captain. She was not about to let him know she has picked up on his thoughts and already know what was going through his head.... well not that must but still enough for her to know this will be a loooooong ride.

John tapped his comm badge. Pentac to Jameson, two to beam out"

It wasn't long before the shimmering started and both ended up in the camped space of the two seater Gryphon.

"Thanks for the lift." Pentac reacted towards his pilot.

Jane gently changed her seating to make it a little bit more comfortable. " Sorry Captain, but I think you will have to hold me otherwise my butt will dig into your legs and we might have to amputate before our arrival on the Timmis." Jane had a glint in her eyes that did not go unnoticed by Pentac.

"As you Wish my Lady..." John responded, simply forgetting to be formal.

"Sorry if I shook you all up but time is of the essence as the Timmis is backtracking to meet us in 20 minutes. The XO knew that.....well two is company and threes a crowd so hang on to your garter belts Captain", Pete said turning to smile at his captain as he pushed "Venom" into warp. "And away we go!"

Both the passengers were quite happy to hear their close encounter of the fourth kind will be brief, yet it was a sweet sorrow. At least Jane was comfortable and John didn't feel her weight at all.

Now for what awaits them back on the Timmis.

Cpt John Pentac
USS Timmis
Cmdr Jane Watkins
USS Timmis
Lt. Pete "Ghost" Jameson
USS Timmis


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