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SE2 Ep.1 "Arriving In Style"

Posted on Mon Apr 29th, 2019 @ 5:45am by Lieutenant Pete "Ghost" Jameson & Captain John Pentac & Commander Jane Watkins

Mission: The Journey To A New Home
Location: Fighterbay
Timeline: SD 241904.26 0400

Pete was laughing to himself as he flew the Gryphon back to the Timmis. Turning his head slightly he saw the captain and the chief science officer and could not help himself as a giggle slipped out.

It felt cozy sitting so close with Jane, Pentac thought. It's been such a long while that he held a woman in his arms. He had to mentally shake himself from his day dream. Jane gently shifted her weight as she was fast asleep causing John to smile and adjust his one arm holding her to make her a little bit more comfortable. He smiled softly, something that is very rare coming from him. Maybe he need to explore some deep thoughts once back on the Timmis. This ride felt like the best he had in a while.

"Sorry sirs but ya'll look cozy back there", Pete said still giggling. "We should be arriving in about 5 minutes. I'm gonna drop from warp in a couple of minutes. Hope you enjoyed your flight via Ghost airlines. Please fasten your seat belts", he said as he dropped Venom out of warp 5,000km of the Timmis' starboard side.

"Are where there already?" Jane answered sleepily. She wanted to stay asleep because she hasn't felt this at peace since her time with her first husband LtCmd Vance.

"Jane, you have to wake up Hun..." The words was out before John could stop himself. John felt a blush spread over his face and tried to hide it by looking out the window at the flying stars.

Jane's eyes fluttered open. With sleep still clouding her mind she mentally shook herself because she could swear she heard the word 'Hun' from Pentac. Well, it seemed that she needed to do some soul searching once she could hide from her Captain.

Jane noted the Captain looking away and grinned to herself. She caught a glimpse of the man behind the mask.

"Thank you for the wake -up Captain and thank you for the comfortable seating." Jane replied with a giggle in her voice.

John looked back into the glittering eyes of Jane. " You are most welcome Commander. Feel free to use the service whenever the need arises." Again John had his foot in his mouth as both him and Jane started laughing. The laughter was contagious. Without a second thought Jane planted a soft kiss on Johns cheek. His arms gently tightened around her returning the kiss with a gentle hug.

=/\=Timmis, Ghost here, permission for a flyby before landing?=/\= he said laughing.

=/\= Negative Ghost, the pattern is full, land your fighter immediately=/\= came the answer from the FCO.

"Captain your gonna get a birds eye view of your ship before I land on the deck.....oh one small thing.....the XO is sleeping and doesn't know of your arrival",Pete said smiling as he banked sharply and flew down the underside of the Timmis and then came from the rear nacelles to the tip of the saucer section in his flyby clearly rattling the FCO's nerves as he watched the view screen. "Damn him!", he said.

The movement of the fighter as Ghost started his fly-by only caused John to hang on tighter to Jane to keep her from falling around. Bot h of them took the opportunity to view the Timmis fro the outside. Its a rare opportunity and a good one at most. Now John could see if the windows needed a wash or are there section in need of repair and a fresh coat of paint.

"Yeah Cmdr Wolf will not be happy when I catch him in his pajamas...." John grinned at the thought of Wolf being dragged out of bed to welcome his CO home.

"This still takes my breath away..." Jane replied. for her the inside of the Timmis was the most familiar but the outside was stunning.

"Yeah it does..." Came the answer from John as he as turned his gaze upon her while she spoke and never wanted to take it away again.

'Oh brother... ' thought John, 'now you are in for some trouble'.

Pete guided "Venom" smooth as silk into the fighter hanger bay and brought her to a stop in front of CPO Mc Dougal. "Well captain welcome home", Pete said as he popped the canopy.

"Welcome home Captain!", said Mc Dougal as he walked around the side of the Gryphon to help Ms. Watkins down from Pete's fighter to the deck.

Climbing down from his fighter, "Thank you for allowing Ghost Airlines to fly you to your destination. Please do come back ya'll hear!", Pete laughed.

Leaving the Gryphon both Jane and John felt sweet sorrow. The intimacy of sitting in one seat was enough to make them both extremely aware of each other.

John Quickly gathered himself back into the role of being the Captain of the Ship.

"Thank you for the warm welcome Mc Dougal and thank you Ghost for supplying such good service" John replied with a smile on his face.

"I agree with the Captain. Thank you guys, its good to be home." Watkins added to the conversation. She also finally gathered herself.

"Well Commander, Shall we go and see if everything is still working? Hopefully no one had a big party last night and left the mess hall in shambles?" Pentac replied with a grin. He was wondering what he will find on his way to the bridge.

Watkins nodded to the Captain. "Yes Sir. I will have a report on the Science Depertment by the end of the day." Jane turned and left without another word.

Pentac watched her walk away. Abruptly Pentac turned towards Ghost and softly spoke to him "Lt Jameson ... what happened in the Gryphon stays in the Gryphon, do you copy?" John had that stern look of the Captain on his face. He wasn't about to have Jane's name dragged through some stories running around the ship.

Pete bust out laughing. He could not keep a straight face for beans. "Captain, do you know how many times I have ferried
two people in this situation and haven't broken my vow of silence?", he added. "Sir your little situation is safe with me, now sir there is a Trill in engineering that actually thinks the world of you, but don't tell her I told you", Pete said smiling

John looked at Pete while he laughingly told him his secret is safe with him, only to double back on his own word telling him about the Trill in Engineering.

"Well now, that is a tale for another time. Thanks for the lift and the heads up. Please take note that we need to retrieve the shuttle on our way back please." John kept his cool. This is getting out of hand for his poor mind... he really needs to get in some fishing sometime...

Pentac turned and headed for the turbo lift. He was about to let his poor XO know the Cat is back in town.

Captain John Pentac
USS TImmis
Cmdr Jane Watkins
USS Timmis
Lt. Pete "Ghost" Jameson
USS Timmis
CPO Charlie Mc DOugal
Fighter Mechanic
USS Timmis


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