Timeline - The Ghosts of Narendra 3

Created by Lieutenant JG Khaaz Psy.D. on Wed Jun 25th, 2014 @ 11:31pm

If this timeline is inaccurate, please let me know and I'll attempt to correct it as best as possible. For the time being, I've centered it around the date which I first joined as it was the easiest date for me to get my head around and connect things from. The actual dates might begin to change a little as early posts are added to attempt to make everything work.

SD 241406.17

  • Cmdr Dexter and FP Ens Cross attend the gym
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/119

SD 241406.18

  • FP Ens Cross and Ens Chase have a discussion in Chase's quarters
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/120
  • FP Ens Cross and Ens Chase go shopping aboard SB105
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/127
  • Cpt Natai and Cmdr Dexter transfer aboard the USS Thermopylae
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/121
  • Cmdr Pentac visits the Phish Tank
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/122

SD 241406.19

  • LtJG Khaaz arrives on board the USS Allexandra Timmis as the Chief Counselor
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/125
  • FP Ens Cross and Cwmn Kaelin have a first date at the Midnight Dream
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/131
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/136

SD 241406.20

  • FP Ens Cross and Cwmn Kaelin visit the Deck 11 Arboretum
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/140
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/148
  • The USS Thermopylae arrives at the wreckage of the Takagawa
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/126
  • FP Ens Cross and Ens Chase have a discussion in Hydroponics
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/124

SD 241406.21

  • Lt Vance finishes work on the Deck 11 Arboretum
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/129
  • 1Lt Stazzi attends Physical Therapy
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/123

SD 241406.22

  • MCpt Ebesin is summoned for an evaluation with the Chief Counselor
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/128
  • FP Ens Cross is summoned for an evaluation with the Chief Counselor
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/134
  • Cmdr Pentac and MCPO McGee have a dinner date in the Deck 11 Arboretum
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/132
  • Ens Chase & LtJG Du Couteau have a friendly chat.
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/130

SD 241406.23

  • Cpt Natai and Cmdr Dexter return to the Timmis with the wreckage of the Takagama
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/133
  • Cmdr Vance, while refining the new detector assembly, discovers a signal originating from the Delta Quadrant
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/138

SD 241406.24

  • Cmdr Dexter and FP Ens Cross spar on the Holodeck and then have Lunch
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/145
  • Cmdr Dexter is subjected to an evalulation with the Chief Counselor
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/137
  • Ens Chase requests an appointment with the Chief Counselor
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/139

SD 241406.25

  • Cmdr Pentac has an impromptu discussion the Chief Counselor
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/149
  • MCPO McGee finds kittens in Deck 11 Arboretum
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/153
  • The new equipment, including the new widescreen viewscreen, are brought online
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/144

SD 241406.26

  • James & Erin Vance visit the holodeck
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/151
  • Lt John and Cmdr Vance discover potential metal fatigue in the port nacelle casing
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/157
  • Mark Dexter & Adam Chase have some quiet time alone.
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/155

SD 241406.27

  • 3PO Hernandez is hurt during an accident on the holodeck
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/150
  • LtJG Khaaz confronts Cmdr Dexter over the accident on the holodeck
    • http://timmis.ucip.org/sim/viewpost/159

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